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    Dodge Caravan or Chrysler Town & Country

    I really wanted the best, Toyota or Honda but money isn't there right now. If you had to choose between the Dodge or the Chrysler for safety and best bet for the 2006-2008 models which would you choose and why?

    I need to use 3 seats for car seats and 1 for a booster.
    Right now its 2 ff Radians, 1 Turbo booster or Britax Parkway, and in the fall Snugride 30.

    Just curious.....

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    Admin - CPS Technician LISmama810's Avatar
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    I thought they were the same van with different branding. Someone else probably knows more though.

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    Re: Dodge Caravan or Chrysler Town & Country

    they are exactly the same. they were redesigned for the 2008-current years though. 2007 and older are rounder looking, 2008-current are more square.

    Have to take DD to school but can be more car seat specific after I get home

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    Who wants to know?

    Re: Dodge Caravan or Chrysler Town & Country

    I just posted in your other Mazda5 thread, but...

    Chrysler (including Dodge) redesigned their minivans in 2008. Since then, crash safety ratings have been identical to the Sienna and Ody.
    The GC and T&C are cousins and are typically the same, they just wear a different nametag.

    ETA: This is my response from your other thread:
    I have an '09 Dodge Grand Caravan (it's my 2nd, actually...I also had an '05. My Mazda5 was in the middle). While I don't LOOOOOOVE it, it's not unsafe. I would never put my family in an unsafe vehicle. Since Chrysler redesigned their minivans in 2008, they have had identical crash safety ratings as the Siennas and Odys. You still get 3 rows of side curtain airbags in a Chrysler/Dodge. They also have large floor compartments (where seats go in stow n go mode) to store projectiles. There are removeable/adjustable headrests in all seating positions. There's lap/shoulder belts in all seating positions. Installing SOME carseats can be hard work in some of the seating positions, but it's not impossible...and I have yet to meet a convertible carseat that's flat-out incompatibe. I've only had issues with (some) boosters and only in the 3rd row. Radians install like a dream RF in the captain's chairs. That said, 4 kids is probably the max due to the seating in the 3rd row. There's only one set of off-center LATCH in the 3rd row, so if you use it, there's only room for 2. The center seatbelt is kinda funky - but the ParkwaySG fits great there...and that's where my 8-year DS1 rides. I have my RF 1-year old in a Marathon 70 and my FF 6-year old in a Frontier 85 in the captain's chairs. Great installs with both. With my DS1 in the center of the 3rd row, there's room for 1 more carseat/booster on the passenger side. Due to the layout and 60/40 split, when a booster or carseat is in the center, it compromises the outboard spot on the driver's side. A seatbelt-ready child could fit there, though, I think.
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