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    I am looking to purchase two car seats, and I have made myself crazy trying to decide which car seat to purchase.

    Safety 1st LX Air Complete, Evenflo Symphony E3 All in one, and Britax Boulevard 70.

    I do A LOT of driving so I want to make sure that while my son is comfortable, I am much more concerned for safety. I have not been able to find many reviews on the Evenflo Symphony E3 All in One that just came out.

    What would most recommend for the safest car seat?


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    How old and heavy is your son?

    Of those, the Safety 1st is in my top five. The others are good seats, but they're not. The Safety 1st will last longer than both of the others, rear and forward facing. It costs less. It has more leg room.

    The Boulevard 70 will last next longest, but it's pricier and has a shorter lifespan. It is very comfortable and easy to install.

    The Symphony will last the shortest amount of time rear and forward facing, but it does become a booster. However, my petite daughter outgrew the booster at six years old. So it's not very long lasting at any of its modes, however it does them all well.

    I wouldn't worry about a booster seat right now. My guess is that your son is an infant and younger and so a booster seat is four or five years down the line. Worry about rear facing as long as possible.

    If your son is older, that may change the recommendations completely.

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    I was deciding between the exact same seats last week! I babysit a 2 yo and had and really wanted to rear face him. I decided on the Complete Air. I love the new Britax Boulevard but it really doesn't provide any leg room rear facing and you can only use the crotch buckle in the first position which is not far out at all. It is also up on that super high base. The Symphony is nice and has the no re-thread harness but it is big and bulky and doesn't make the best booster. The 2 yo I babysit is big and we are in the car a lot just like you. He is 31 pounds and 36" and he JUST turned 2. I really wanted to get a seat that would last him awhile and give him plenty of leg room rear facing. I was still a little on the edge about the seat when I went to look at it since it has the super tall shell and I was afraid it would hit the front seat, but after buying it and using it, I love it! It is super easy to install with LATCH and the 2 yo has tons of leg and growing room! He really likes the air head wings and to be able to put his feet up on the seat back. I would highly recommend the Complete Air!

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