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    Question What is your favorite booster and why?

    Assuming that price is no object, and you can get whatever booster seat that you want. What would you choose? What features are most important to you?

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    Re: What is your favorite booster and why?

    Good fit is the most important feature I look for For my skinny but tall 5.5 year old, the Graco Turbo Booster fits her perfectly, has a cup holder (I dont care, but she likes it), and it's easy to use. I'm sure there are other boosters that would be much cooler if I saw them in person, but I dont see many haha!
    OH, but I'm waiting on pins and needles for the BubbleBum booster to be available this spring. Totally innovative and will fit between two harnessed seats in my car (which is a feat, since there's only about 8.5" of room!). So I guess "skinny" is another feature I like.
    Emilie- CPST/SK Senior Checker and mom to:
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    Re: What is your favorite booster and why?

    I really like the Graco TB. I've never seen a booster provide as good a belt fit on as many kids in as many different cars as the TB. Plus its reasonably priced and comes in fun patterns (plus for the kids and me!).

    In theory I like steel reinforced, large sidewings, and EPS foam. But I can't afford any of those boosters! I know you said price was no object but I've never really seen any of the more expensive boosters so I can't really say if I'd like them. I'd love a monkey Oobr but I just like the way it looks. Which in reality isn't enough to make me use it for a kid.

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    Re: What is your favorite booster and why?

    For DD1 we used a number of booster for her- gosh if I had to name and count every seat we used with her in total it would be close to 15. She was a difficult child and I knew nothing of carseats when she was born- other then she needed one . Add in her autism and her Adhd, it was really a learning experiance. I used the Parkway the longest with her and she also used the turbo booster as a backup. Things that I look for in a booster is a good fit, the way it sits in the car and on the seat (tippyness), ease of buckling her/himself in, eps foam, side wings/ side impact protection, weight, and usability of cupholders. The Parkway had unusable cup holders in in a few years ago (not sure if it does now or not).

    I am looking at purchasing a new booster coming soon for DD2 who has outgrown her Nautilus.

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    Re: What is your favorite booster and why?

    I don't have one most favorite. I really like the sturdiness of the vivo, but it can be narrow and shallow for the legs. I like the old style parkways a lot. I love the bodyguard booster. I wish a new, amazing, not costly, yet thin booster would come out.
    Christine *mom* to

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