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    Pilot 2011 poor brakes?

    We are trying to decide between a new Honda pilot or Acura Mdx and are looking for more info. On reports of long stopping distance and poor braking of the pilot. Hoping someone will tell me that the 2011 pilot has updated braking system from previous models. the Mdx stops on a dime..... Any input?

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    Re: Pilot 2011 poor brakes?

    I don't know much about the '11 Pilot other than it's increased LATCH options, but I have no problems at all with my 2003 Pilot's brakes or stopping distance.
    When I drove a vehicle without ABS, I just increased my following distance. I would assume I would do the same if the only thing I disliked about a vehicle was it's stopping distance or brake system.
    Contrary to what my mother insists, ABS (or lack of) or the vehicle's natural stopping ability is not the predictor of collision avoidance...the driver is.
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    Re: Pilot 2011 poor brakes?

    I'd be surprised if there is a difference in brakes between the Pilot and the MDX. They are the exact same vehicle, but the MDX has higher-end trim, right? I didn't think there was a difference in brakes, transmission, engine, etc. I could be wrong, though!

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    Re: Pilot 2011 poor brakes?

    There's typically very slight differences btw the luxury brand model and the standard, but differences are possible. Just compare the secs on or something. I'd do it but I'm out and it's hard to check on my phone.

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    Re: Pilot 2011 poor brakes?

    I've always kept an eye on the Pilot, MDX, and the Odyssey since those have been my top picks since 2008... but the Pilot still isn't *there* for me as far as "spoil me" features. The MDX is a luxury SUV, and the Pilot is a mid-range SUV on the same platform (not sure if that's true for 2011). If you're comparing them, and price isn't a huge factor, you'll be so much happier with the MDX. The Pilot and Ody both drive "heavy"...test drive and you'll see what I mean.

    {Says the girl who just ordered another Ody..)


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