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    Re: Successful Airplane Install Thread

    I've never had a problem on Southwest or Frontier (probably 737 planes) with any of the following seats: Chicco KeyFit30, BabyTrend Flex-Loc (2007 seat), Britax Roundabout Classic, Britax Marathon Classic, Britax Boulevard 70 G3. We have always installed them RF on the plane for a child that RF in the car (regardless of age).

    However, on a recent AA flight (American Eagle I think, small plane, 2 seats on one side of aisle, 1 seat on the other) I had an issue from one of the flight attendants. We were flying with a Britax Roundabout Classic (50). I started to install FF because it was faster, but found the angle to be more comfortable for my daughter when I turned it RF, which is also how she rode the car. After I installed the seat RF and everyone was fastened in, plane doors closing, the F/A told me I had to turn the seat around to FF. I was pretty sure I didn't HAVE to do so, as the seat did fit RF; but when I raised a question I was not met with a yielding attitude, just that "those seats have to be turned to face forward." I knew that wouldn't be true for an infant seat or a baby in the convertible (at least I hope not!). I turned the seat FF to facilitate the flight, only because my daughter was almost 4 and didn't NEED to be RF. However, I was really irritated because I know they should have allowed me to use it RF, as it is an FAA approved seat that can be used RF as she is under the seat's limits for weight/height. My daughter HATED it and was uncomfortable for the whole flight because the seat was VERY upright in the plane FF. Oh well.

    We had traveled with seats without issue so many times that I didn't update myself on rules and rights, so I didn't feel equipped to argue the point further. I'm still pretty sure I could have used the seat RF.
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    Re: Successful Airplane Install Thread

    AIRLINE: Delta
    Airplane model and brand: Boeing 757-300, CRJ200, CRJ900
    Location in airplane: Coach, window seat
    Car seat model and setup: Peg Perego Convertible, rear-facing

    For every flight (2 there, 2 return) I used a seatbelt extender, and flipped the buckle. Very easily accessible, took only a few seconds to install/uninstall. We only had the FAA-compliance checked once, on our very last flight. DH asked politely at each check-in desk about priority boarding for carseat installation, and they were happy to let us board early each time - which was wonderful.
    I MacGyver-d a "travelling toddler" strap-type setup, but it was poorly done and our carry-on bag is cheap, so DH ended up preferring to carry the seat by hand through the airports. On the bright side, now he's okay with the idea of buying a dedicated trolley for travel
    VERY glad we decided last minute to bring the Peg instead of our Diono Pacifica - the Pacifica would not have fit on any but possibly our last flight.

    1st flight - CRJ200. A newer plane, seat fit but was jammed in pretty good, and at a fairly upright angle. We were travelling with family, and I made sure we sat behind the ILs for each flight - BIL felt like his seat was being pushed forward or something, but he's a teenager, likes to complain, and it was only an hour long flight so I wasn't overly concerned.
    2nd/3rd flight - 757-300. Seat fit well. Still a little bit more upright than I'd prefer, but not horrible. DD fell asleep easily, and slept for half of the 3hr flight.
    4th flight - CRJ900. This was an older plane, but had the most room I've ever seen on a plane outside of bulkhead/exit row. The seat fit with room to spare, at proper recline. This is when the FA checked for the FAA certification, and she mentioned that she was so happy to see a carseat. She was wonderful, and I'm sorry I didn't get her name to call Delta and tell them how awesome she was. She brought me extra snacks/drinks when she noticed I was nursing.

    (sorry about the quality - I took these from my own seat directly next to DD, so they don't show as much as I had hoped. We were running low on sleep and sick with the stomach flu, and I only remembered to snap a few pictures last minute!)

    CRJ200, 1st flight

    CRJ200, 1st flight

    Boeing 757-300, 2nd flight

    CRJ900, last flight
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    Boeing 757-200. Britax G4 BLVD rear facing fit and recline line was level. Touched back of seat, but did make it too upright. Britax Click Tight BLVD FF fit well.

    Boeing 717. Britax G4 fit with the recline line level. Again it braced/firmly touched the back of the seat in front of us, but it wasn't wedged in. The Britax CT was again very easy to install FF.
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    Re: Successful Airplane Install Thread


    Evenflo Sureride.

    On the way to our destination, I only attempted to FF. I may have had the room to install it RF on one plane only...the newly redesigned, fancy lighting plane (not sure the model) since on that plane there was enough room that my daughter could not reach the seat to kick it. One the second plane of that part of our trip, I'm sure it was too small to RF. I did briefly set it there that way and it would have been wedged in. There was definitely less space there as I had to wrestle her not to kick the seat in front of her for the duration of the flight.

    On the way home, I FF her on the first plane (can't remember if I even tried it RF). On the second plane I successfully RF'd her on a 737-300. It was more upright than the level line, but not any more upright than she would have been if I would have FF her. I did enjoy not having to wrestle her from kicking the seat (as she would have if FF).

    I did have trouble with my install in a Chevy Traverse rental. The second row seat is very angled. I'm sure on the way from the airport to my parent's house, it was upright way more than it should have been. After getting to my parent's house, I removed the seat and had my dad help me achieve a super tight install, and I added a towel roll made with a hand towel size towel. I should have gotten a full size towel from my mom and made a larger roll as it was still just a little bit too upright and the line wasn't level. I won't make that mistake again.

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