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Thread: 2004 4Runner

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    Question 2004 4Runner

    I have a 12mo. old in a RF MA. Our car is a '89 BMW 525i and we are at last looking at new vehicles to purchase around the first of the year.
    My husband is very interested in a new 4Runner Limited 4x4, and though it offers much improved safety features (side curtain airbags being the most appealing), I am not entirely convinced. I was wondering what the general opinion on this type of SUV (which has the older live rear axle suspension versus the newer independent rear) and whether it is new and improved enough! We do want to take the new vehicle on some back roads to do hiking and camping, too.
    Any input and other vehicle options (I wanted an Outback, but he said it was too small) with outstanding safety features would be welcome. This board sold me on the MA, and I am hoping it will help me make a more informed decision on a new vehicle.

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    Not enough information yet-

    The old 4runner was a serious rollover risk. Do a Google or any search for, "4Runner Rollover Lawyer" :-(

    The new one is supposed to have a wider track and better handling. Add stability control (Toyota supposedly has a very good system) and side curtain airbags, and the result should be a much better vehicle. If you need to do serious towing or offroading, this may be a reasonable option. If not, then try our safe family vehicle suggestions at .

    Good luck!

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    The new 4Runner does have a very good stability control system.

    The improvement in rollover resistance between the 2000 and 2003 model 4Runner was so great that NHTSA used these vehicles to demonstrate it's new dynamic rollover rating last week.

    From the attached article:
    "Improved stability

    During the demonstration Tuesday, NHTSA used two vehicles to contrast their design characteristics. The 2000 Toyota 4Runner had two wheels lift a foot off the ground during an initial test run at 35 mph.

    In another test, the redesigned 2003 4Runner fared better. With a wider track width and a longer wheel base, the 2003 model features a modified suspension and electronic stability control. The 2003 4Runner completed five runs at speeds ranging from 35 mph to 50 mph without any wheel lift."




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