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    Lightbulb Seatbelt lockoff is broken, now what?

    Help! I just purchased and recieved a Britax Multi-tech. It looks great - but there's a problem...The right side seatbelt lock of is broken. The part that latches sheared off (during shipping or installation - I don't know). How do I get a replacement lockoff? Can I get a replacement? If I can get a replacement, can I change them out myself? Ahhhhh! Thank you for the help.


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    Re: Seatbelt lockoff is broken, now what?

    If it's brand new, I bet you could call the company and they should replace it, because it's under warranty. Their contact info should be on the back of the car seat manual.

    They should also tell you how to replace it, if you can.
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    Re: Seatbelt lockoff is broken, now what?

    Answered this via email yesterday. Part of the lockoff mechanism of Multi Tech does sometimes break. It's constructed this way to protect the rest of the mechanism. Replacing the lockoff piece is easy and won't take more than a minute.

    Car seat is safe to use with one lockoff. Function of the lockoffs is to hold seat in place before a collision. Lockoffs will break/open in a collision. Multi Tech is very solid and will stay nicely in place with one lockoff.

    Replacement is already on the way. Enjoy your weekend;.)
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