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    Weight V Age for ERF?

    I have some questions and am hoping you can help me.

    My son is 3 1/2 and weighs 21LB and is 34 Inches tall, he is currently FF in a convertable seat (5 point harness, top tether). He meets the minimum weight to FF - (approx 18lb), and his seat seems to fit him well, the side protection head wings cradle his head nicely and I have a rock solid install which is great.

    His seat can legally RF till 26lb (the standard where we live) and so he could technically RF .

    I have read on here that RF is safest till 4yrs, does that apply to 23lb four year olds (that is what I am hoping he will weigh when he is four), does the physical maturity angle apply to very small older children?

    Also I should note that RF past 1 yr is very rare here and RF past 2yrs almost unheard of (I RF him until 2yrs 10m), however I am willing to put up with the criticism if it means he will be much safer.

    Due to his medical issues he has a 19 inch head circumference so his body proportions and more similar to a baby than a preschooler, which is why I asked about the safer or not at four thing.

    OK my other problem is that my MIL bought a cheap booster that children can legally use here from 4yrs with a seatbelt, I have been able to hold her off from using it so far because they are illegal under 4yrs (unless children are too big for a 5 point harness) but she is saying how she will be able to use it on his birthday but I am not happy about this as IMO a 21/22/23lb child just cannot be safe in a booster/seatbelt combo! Please tell me I am right about this!

    I guess I want to know if I am doing the right thing...

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    Re: Weight V Age for ERF?

    You're quite right--your child would still be better off rear-facing, if a seat is available that he can still rear-face in. It sounds like he has some medical concerns, as well? If his physical development is delayed, this is even more support for the benefits of extended rear-facing--both safety, and the added benefit of a slightly increased angle of recline. Extended rear-facing is very rare where you are, as is extended harnessing--both in part due to education and the poor weight limits on your seats.

    Check the information on the booster seat that your MIL purchased--chances are it has either a 30 or 40lb minimum weight limit and cannot be used by your child, anyways.. But never forget this--YOU are the parent, YOU dictate how your child is transported.


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