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    Senior Community Member smurf's Avatar
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    Quebec, Canada

    Re: Welcoming everyone..

    Hi Terri,

    I thought I was the only person form Quebec on this board! (I'm in Montreal, BTW).
    I am Erika, a health care professional, currently on maternity leave with DS#2, now 10 weeks old (and will be off work for 11 months, yay!). I've been interested in child safety for a few years now, and more so since I found this board. I'm very happy about this Canadian sub forum!

    My biggest hope for the future is for TC to approve harnessed seats to 65 lbs!
    DD 7, 52" 48# Maxi Cosi Rodi XR and Britax Parkway SG
    DS 5¾ 46" 45# Britax Parkway
    DS 3 1/2, 40" 36# SK Radian
    3 across in a '07 VW Rabbit and a '09 Acura MDX

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    April, 2001

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    Jan 2007

    Re: Welcoming everyone..

    I can not believe I didn't notice this sooner!! I'm Amy mom of three in Ontario. DS (10, 80lbs) rides in the belt, or backless booster for long trips, DD (7, 70lbs) rides in an evenflo confidence booster,and DS (4.5, 47+lbs) rides in the Radian. Really I've just stopped weighing him, he will be 47lbs until he is too tall for the Radian, or 65lbs becomes legal here - but I did just change his seat from LATCH to seatbelt just in case he may possibly be approaching 48lbs . I have learned so much from this place, and am delighted that non-us residents have our own little corner of the world now.

    I love my seats, just wish I had known more about CPS when all the kids were younger! I do wish that seats like the Radian and Marathon were usable to their 65lb limit, but at the same time, I think about how top teather is mandatory here, so maybe we're not sooo bad off after all...

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    Moderator - CPST Instructor
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    Nov 2003
    Ontario, Canada

    Re: Welcoming everyone..

    Just want to comment on many people's wishes to have TC change the harness weight limit from 48 to 65 lbs and having more seats with high harness like the Regent, etc.

    When (and I say when instead of if) TC changes the weight limit, it all depends on the carseat manufactures to decide to bring their seats with higher harness seats into Canada or not. It's basically down to business decision for these companies if their investments in testing new and existing seats to Canadian safety standards would be worth it or not. Our market is often seen as a small market, yet the cost of bringing a carseat (or any product) into market can be higher than the returns.

    Long message to remind all of us not to forget lobbying the carseat manufactures too and not thinking that TC is the only organisation to our wants/needs for higher harness seats.
    Certified Canadian CRS Technician-Instructor

    DD#1, Aug 1999
    DS, May 2001
    DD#2, Aug 2007

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    Nov 2006
    Quebec, Canada

    Re: Welcoming everyone..

    Hi Erika,

    We lived in Montreal until almost 2 years ago when we moved North to the Lower Laurentian's for DH work and to be closer to the IL's. I am originally from Nova Scotia though.
    DH just took a new position that is based out of Montreal. So although we plan to stay here for a while, we do plan on moving closer to Montreal again to cut down on commuting time and for the kid's schooling(mine too lol).

    DH left this morning for James Bay for a week with work so I am going to get a taste of being a lone parent with two small and spirited children off and on now. My day started at 5am this morning....
    *DD N 5 Years 46 inches/44 lbs FF in a Marathon/Parkway SG/Turbo Booster/ and Harnessed Nautilus
    *DS H 7 Years 49 inches/51 lbs in a Monterey and Turbo Booster
    and a Harmony and Radian as back up seats

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    CPS Fanatic Lea_Ontario's Avatar
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    Feb 2006

    Re: Welcoming everyone..

    I'm Lea. Not a CRS yet.
    Mom of 3 - all their stats are in my signature.

    We live just outside of Toronto, Ontario.
    Mama to :
    Boo (2002), apramo backless booster
    Bug (2004), Parkway SGL
    Bear (2006), Parkway SGL

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