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    2010 vs 2011 Toyota Sienna - 3rd Row

    I am looking for the minivan with the widest third row to accommodate 3 infant (bucket) car seats. After a lot of research, I've determined that the Toyota Sienna offers more 3rd row room than the Honda or Chrysler. My next problem is model years. According to the dealership that I visited today, the 2011 model is wider than the 2004-2010 models. However, if you look at the official literature, the 3rd row hip room on the older model is 51.8", while the 2001 offers 50.3" of hip room.

    Just some background: I have two year old twins and I am currently expecting triplets. In a previous post, I was given many good suggestions, such as switching around car seat positions and using Radians..., however, I have some limitations. First, my preferred carriage option is the Peg Perego Triplette, which only accommodates their own infant car seat. I am aware of the Double Decker option, but I do not like the permanent seats that I would need to use past the infant seat stage. So, limitation #1 is that I'm trying to stick to the Peg Perego Primo Viaggio 30/30. Also, I really need to seat my older boys in the 2nd row and the babies in the third row. Having three seats in the 2nd row would necessitate my boys climbing into their seats through the trunk. They are simply too young to be expected to do this. It is also impractical, since I expect to have the two of them, rather than the babies, with me most often.

    So... I would really like to own a minivan that will fit 3 Peg Perego infant car seats in the 3rd row. I'm pretty sure that rules out the Chrysler and Honda. I now need to ascertain that the Sienna will work, and figure out which model year is the best choice.

    I know that this is a lot to read through, so I thank you in advance for your help!


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    Re: 2010 vs 2011 Toyota Sienna - 3rd Row

    You don't have 3 infant seats now, do you? I don't know how many of us have used 3 infant seats in a row. My guess is the 2010 and older one is a better shot cuz it had room for more than one tether. Plus, hip room is measured at a spot that's often the skinniest part of a car seat.

    I hope you can do 3 infant seats across in the back but I highly doubt it. The 3rd row bench is noticeably less wide than the 2nd row. My guess is you do stick the older 2 in the 3rd row, side by side on the 60% part. Leave the other part folded down to make it easier for them to get in thru the trunk.

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    Re: 2010 vs 2011 Toyota Sienna - 3rd Row

    I really doubt you could get 3 infant seats in the 3rd row of the 2010 Sienna.

    If you don't mind, here is a thought I had. Get the 8 passenger 2010 Sienna. I know I got a Radian and a My Ride forward facing on the 60 portion of the 3rd row. If you could get 2 Radians to fit there, you could have 1 infant seat on the 40 portion. You can have 2 babies on the 2nd row, passenger's side and center. Leave the driver's side 2nd row empty for 3rd row access (or remove it entirely). This also leaves you the option of having someone ride in the 2nd row with the babies if needed.
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