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Thread: Kia Sedona?

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    Kia Sedona?

    So I thought I was all set to get a 99-01 Windstar, but then found an 02 Sedona in my price range. I read a bit on and kind of liked what I now I'm confused. I don't think the Sedona gets as good of crash scores from IIHS.

    What do you all think?

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    Re: Kia Sedona?

    Hmmm...I know that the current model year gets rave reviews, but you're right--I'm not so sure about 2002 model. I just glanced at it--how does it compare to the Windstar's rating in the year you're looking at? Also, when did Kia institute the 100000 mile warranty? (Although I am assuming the 2002 would have more than 100000 miles, but then, my car is 3 years old and I have 35000 on it...)
    My neighbors have a new Sedona and love it. We had one as a rental last year and it was ok--I'm not a huge fan of minivans, but it was ok. It was GIGANTIC inside! LOL--it seemed as though you could camp out in that thing!
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    Re: Kia Sedona?

    It's my understanding that the 02 Sedonas are very different from the newer models, safety wise. I was so excited to see an 05 Kia Sedona for $15,000, but then read up on the safety features and decided it wasn't worth it. The buzz on the newer models is hot so it's easy to get excited, but you're talking 2 different birds. At least that's my impression and the decision I made, but I don't know anything about Windstars.

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    Re: Kia Sedona?

    yes, there's no comparison between the 02 and 06 sedonas... completely different animals, and the pre-06's had major reliability problems. and the 100,000 mie powertrain warranties were only for the original owners... second hand buyers forfeit it.
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