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    more ? on 3rd row in Caravan

    Hello again!

    I realize appreciate having somewhere to ask all this. Though I've had kids in carseats for 7 years, this van is really confusing things. And I thought a van would make things easier!

    My Caravan is a 2006. It has 1 latch in the 3rd row, it's off centre towards the driver's side. There is also latch in both of the (stowable) 2nd seat captain's chairs.

    I'd posted earlier trying to find a booster that fit the 3rd row properly, without twisting and bunching the seatbelt. That's a no go; the seatbelts are too far forward of the belt guides in that row.

    My preference was to have my oldest (7, high back booster) in the 3rd row. Since that's not working, my 2nd choice is to have 2 kids in the 3rd row, the oldest in the 2nd row, and stow the other 2nd row seat to make it easier to do up the younger 2.

    Currently the younger 2:
    4 years old, 40 pounds, 40 inches. FF in radian that harnesses to 65 pounds.
    19 months, 28ish pounds, RF in radian that rf to 30 pounds.

    It looks as though I'm going to have to buy a new seat anyway - the 30 pound limit got my 2nd child to 2, but doesn't look like it'll work for this one. Does she need to be out at 29 pounds (with fleece, stonz, etc.) or is it when she's consistently hitting 30?

    I need suggestions on seats that fit nicely in the Caravan, 3rd row, rf. One seat fits beautifully in the latch position, either ff or rf. Unfortunately that ends up using up 2 seating positions. The radian doesn't sit well in the remaining spot (3rd row, passenger side) because it's the 40% side of the seat and there is plastic on either side of the seat where it meets the back. The radian is too narrow to sit one foot on each piece of plastic but too wide to sit in between them.

    So I'm trying to find a seat works well rf in the 3rd row of a caravan, not using latch. Any suggestions? I'd love to get a new radian, as I like to travel with them so that the tray still lowers on the plane (we have 3 trips, 2-4 legs each direction, in the next year), but that's not the prime concern. The radians, My Ride and Air protect seem to be fairly easy for me to get here (I'm crazy rural/ remote).

    Sorry this is so long; not being able to try them out in that 3rd row position is leaving me struggling!


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    Re: more ? on 3rd row in Caravan

    Bumping this up in hopes that someone here might have some advice on Canadian seats to try in the Caravan 3rd row.

    As for when to move your child out of her 30lb rearfacing radian, do it when her weight + clothing hits 30.0 lbs. You don't want her to go over that limit so if she hits that weight only on some days, flip the seat.

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    Re: more ? on 3rd row in Caravan

    Thank you

    She hasn't hit the 30 pounds yet, I was just making sure that I could wait until she hit 30 and didn't have to switch at 29.

    I'll probably just order a my ride and try it out, hopefully the extra width will help it to sit nicely. I wasn't expecting this at just 19 months, I really expected to get to 2, but having spun out on the roads a couple of times in the past few years, I'm not ready to flip her around.

    I guess I have to get on this decision though!


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