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    Moving to Australia

    A friend of mine is moving from Canada to Australia in two months and wanted me to ask about seats for her. Right now she has a 2.5yo ds ff in a truefit and a 10mo dd in a bucket seat that will expire in december. Her plan is to take the TF on the plane and use it for the first bit when they get there for her dd. Is this allowed? Her SIL will pick them up from the airport and has older kids so the 2yo will have a seat until she buys one.

    Which seats should she buy there? Do they even have seats to RF her dd who is 9 months right now and 17lb?

    Any advice or info is appreciated. Thanks!
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    Re: Moving to Australia

    Hi, I don't know how she'll go with the TF - if she can get it through the airport without being questioned, I doubt she'd be caught after that. As for the 17lb 9 month old, there are seats that will RF until 12kg (23lbs?). After that we only have FF seats that go to 18kg (33lbs?) then it's onto a booster. Hope that helps
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    Carseat Crazy finn's Avatar
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    Re: Moving to Australia

    I'm sorry (lol just kidding, its an Aussie/Kiwi thing).

    I would tell her to bring seats from home, but that they will be illegal to use. I think most seats in Australia rf to 12 kg/26lbs, the forward face to 18kg/40lbs.

    We recently spent a week in Australia and brought our Radian xtsl with us, no-one blinked an eye at it.
    Chrissy Mum to : Ds Isaac(6) & dd Annabelle(2)

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    Carseat Crazy
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    Re: Moving to Australia

    Agree with the prev posters. (incl. Finn's apology tehehe...)

    It's pretty simple. If she wants to be legal in Australia, she can only use australian seats. Whilst they have really good seats, the downside is that they are small, with low limits. RF maximum of 12 kg, FF maximum of 18 kg, and boosters maximum of 26 kg. My DS outgrew the tallest shoulder slots in an Australian seat at 2yrs2mo, when he also exceeded 18kgs. That was when I started importing seats...

    You'll find several posters here who are in Australia and using "illegal" seats, whether swedish or american. Whilst it's not legal, I haven't actually heard of anyone being prosecuted for using a non-australian seat. As your friend will see, there will be more than enough NON-use to keep enforcement officers busy...
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