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    Travel to the USA

    So, my 4 year old and I are going to be traveling from Winnipeg to Toronto hopefully within the next 3 months for a medical appointment. Our surgeon also said that he might send us to Cincinnati for the same reason. Now, would traveling to and within the USA with a car seat on the plane be the same as within canada?
    When we get to Toronto, we may end up taking a shuttle to the hospital, of course, I'd have to look more into it, but I'm going to guess a shuttle is some type of bus.........can I take a car seat on the bus?

    Sorry for all the dumb questions. I just want/need to be prepared when the time comes. We've been waiting a long time for these appointments, so if they call and say we're going a week later, this will be one issue I don't have to worry about!
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    Re: Travel to the USA

    I would say in the US, a "shuttle" is usually a van perhaps even just a taxi.
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    Re: Travel to the USA

    The shuttle might be a 15 passenger van in which you could install the seat. Or it might be a bus, in which case, you could take the seat on with you probably but not actually use it, although it might not be a bad idea to have some sort of bag to put it in to keep it clean in case they want to put it with the luggage instead.
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    Re: Travel to the USA

    I could be wrong, but my guess is that you won't have any issues with use of your carseat on any plane or vehicle within the US. Our seats are almost identical and, in most cases, no one even checks them.

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