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Thread: CA vs Radian XT

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    CA vs Radian XT

    Im trying to help my sister decide on a convertible for her son, 5 months, 20 lbs, 28ish inches.
    I was under the impression that the CA rf to 40 lbs and 40 inches (only learning last night that the Canadian version is only to 36 inches).
    I believe I've read that the Radian rf to 44", is this true for the Canadian version?
    We assume that little man will be tall (he's the same size, if not bigger than my 13 month old dd..) So we want to get him the seat that will last the longest rfing.

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    Re: CA vs Radian XT

    If he is 20lbs at 5mon old just go with the radian XT for the extra weight limit, no matter the stated height limit both seats have the same size shell so will be outgrown in height at the same time frame.
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    Re: CA vs Radian XT

    As parents, they need to determine their level of comfort in continuing to rear-face their child beyond the numerical rear-facing height limit in lieu of the recommended height limit of 1" of hard shell above the child's head. [I didn't phrase that quite right--they need to decide if they're comfortable IGNORING the numerical height limit if they do purchase a seat with a numerical rear-facing height limit, more or less...] We have a number of threads on this very issue, here in this forum--take a search on "numerical height limit" and so forth You will get some great advice in those old threads--mostly leaning towards any as of yet undocumented risks associated with rear-facing beyond the numerical height limit being outweighed by the well documented benefits of continuing to rear-face.

    More or less, if they're comfortable looking at how the child fits in the seat versus an interval on a tape measure, they will want to look for a seat with a tall seat shell and a high rear-facing weight limit.


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