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    Combi Shuttle 33 Review

    For the full review, please visit:

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    One of the many unique features of the Combi Shuttle 33 is that it has no listed weight or height minimums - the labels and instruction manual state that this seat is for children who weigh 33 lbs or less, whose height is 33″ or less and the top of the head is at least 1″ below top of headrest. An important quirk of this seat is that the base MUST be used if the child weighs more than 22 lbs or is taller than 29″. For children under 22 lbs and less than 29″, you have the option of installing the carrier directly into the vehicle (or aircraft seat) without the base.

    The Shuttle 33 can be paired with almost all 2009 & 2010 Combi 3-Second Fold Strollers (Cosmo, Flare, Flash EX, Saavy & Twin Sport which can accept ONE Shuttle 33) to create a complete travel system, if desired. The exception is the Coccoro Flash stroller frame which can only accept the Combi Coccoro convertible seat. The original Combi Shuttle bases are NOT compatible with the newer Shuttle 33.
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    Final Thoughts on the Shuttle 33:

    The Combi Shuttle 33 is definitely a well-made seat with many premium and unique features. The weight and height limits should translate into extended use for most children which makes the Shuttle 33 a good value for the price. The obvious attention to detail and additional safety features are impressive. However, the seat does have quirks and a few ease-of-use issues. For an experienced parent who isn’t reluctant to employ some tricks or take an extra few seconds to make sure everything is correct, none of the Shuttle 33 issues should be deal-breakers. Although truthfully, for first-time inexperienced parents, it’s probably not going to be the easiest seat to use properly every single time. I also wouldn’t recommend this seat to someone who was expecting to have, or has already had, a very small or premature baby. However, if the Shuttle 33 fits your needs, fits your child, fits well in your vehicle and you’re aware of its quirks then it may very well be the perfect infant seat for you and your most precious cargo!

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