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    Which convertible? Which solution?

    I drive a Mazda 3 sedan.

    I have 2 kids - DD who is 23 mths (maybe 28lbs?) in an EFTA. I switched her FFing last month (massive guilt over this, yes I know it's not ideal), and DS who is 5 months (18lbs).

    DS is outgrowing his Peg Perego PV in height (he's 27" and he is looking big for it, not to mention I hate lugging it around.

    Having a small car definitely limits our choices. The EFTA is a bit annoying RFing because of the knob which adjusts the harness. DH is very tall and it is v hard for us to find seats that fit in our car.

    I was definitely into ERFing, and used to poo-poo people saying "my child can see out better" etc. BUT it's actually true for us and DD is much much happier FFing. Surely the crying and screaming RFing is also a danger, no? Ugh.

    Also at what age can I do a more upright RFing angle for DS?

    Here are the options as I see it:

    -Buy another EFTA to RF DS and suck up annoying knob problem. Keep DD FFing.

    -Buy some other convertible which will harness DD FFing to a higher weight (something that wouldn't fit in our car RFing) and put her in it FFing. Use EFTA Rfing for DS

    -Try and turn DD back (obviously this would be difficult) and get an EFTA or a True Fit or something else (suggestions?) that will fit nicely in our car.

    Thanks so much and sorry for the novel.

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    Re: Which convertible? Which solution?

    I am not a tech, so cannot comment on any particular install issues with your vehicle, or a small vehicle at that as I drive a van. However, my DD's are very similar ages to your kids (33mos and 7 mos) and I was just in your situation about a month ago, as DD2 was outgrowing her PV. I made the economical decision and purchased a combination seat for DD1 that will FF to a high weight and then convert to a booster, and passed her convertible seat down to DD2. I went with the Britax FrontierXT for the combination seat and love it...but the Graco Nautilus would be another good option. I was told on here by countless people if you aren't going to use the rear facing function of a point in buying one. May as well get a combination to last farther into the just buying another EFTA might not be the best choice if your DD is just ff in it anyway.

    I had forgotten how crappy our convertible seat is rearfacing (its a BV and the harness is a PITA to use in rear facing mode which was something I had forgotten) and probably annoy's me in the same way the knobs on your EFTA annoy you rear facing. So while some days I wish I'd just bought a new convertible for DD2 and avoided using the BV rf again.....I made the economical choice and will avoid having to buy DD1 a new seat in 18mos or so when she would have outgrown the BV. Frustrating...but I SUPPOSE it was the right thing to do!!!

    Also....I have a True Fit in my mom's car, and it is a great seat. It might be a bit big for your car though? Not sure about that! But it is a pretty tall seat.

    Good luck!

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