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    Canadian options, convertible for large 5 month old

    My nephew is 5 months, 18 lbs and 27-28 inches. He is almost too big for his infant seat and my sister wants to get him a convertible soon. His older sister is in a boulevard, but I suggested she look into seats with higher rf limits. My dd is in the ca, and I love it! (just wish it ff higher, but shes only 13 months, so I won't worry about that for a looong time).
    I was thinking either the CA or the Radian. They drive a Hyundai Santafe, 2008. Their 24 month old is rf in her boulevard. (she's about 23 lbs).

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    CPS Technician amyd's Avatar
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    Re: Canadian options, convertible for large 5 month old

    The CA or the Radian are good options. The Graco MyRide RF's to 40lbs as well, as do the new Britaxes if they prefer those seats. Not sure if they are on shelves everywhere in Canada yet, but will be very soon.
    Amy~ Canadian tech instructor (CRST-I), Mama to Peter (4.20.08), riding in a Diono Monterey and a Clek Ozzi; Jasper (4.25.11), riding in a Britax Frontier CT and a Graco Nautilus; and Ruby, riding in a Clek Foonf; wife to my CRST hubby, Chris

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    Carseat Crazy
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    Re: Canadian options, convertible for large 5 month old

    I'm personally biased, but we love our Radian! DD has been in it since she was 4 months old (she outgrew her bucket by height, very tall-torsoed), and she is very comfy!

    I would highly recommend checking the Radian successful install thread as well as actually trying this seat in their vehicle though as it can be a bit challenging to install. If it doesn't fit well at the 45* recline, perhpas they could put the little one in the Britax & the older one in the Radian, more upright.

    HTH & good luck,
    Selina joined us Feb 19, 2010
    Calgary, AB, Canada

    Selina RF until 4 years, 1 month, 21 days old. FF in Radian until 6 years, 2 months (too tall). FF (harnessed) in Harmony Defender until 7 years, 2 months.

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    Re: Canadian options, convertible for large 5 month old

    Another personal recommendation for the Radian (the other seats mentioned a great too, but I've not used them myself. )

    My DS is a giant, and the Radian we had for him was the best investment we ever made. It installed RF really well (with room for front passengers) in our Ford Focus and Dodge Caravan.

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    Carseat Crazy
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    Re: Canadian options, convertible for large 5 month old

    I have a 2009 santa fe and have a true fit in there RF. It does take up some passenger leg room but fits nicely. My son was 19 pounds at 4 months and fit in it until just over 2 when he hit 35 pounds. I was thinking about a radian to RF longer but unfortunately it took up a little more room than the true fit and we couldn't get the radian more upright. Maybe try it out when you have time at a store just to make sure the recline will work for your set up

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