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    Dont buy at the ebay shop: stylischfamily

    we are living in germany. In may we bought a Britax Frontier at the ebay-shop "the stylishfamily". We never recieved the item. In August i gave the shop a bad feedback at ebay. The seller first time contact me then and promised, to send another seat. The first must be stolen on the way to germany....i get my money back, when the second seat dont arrieved germany!
    I was so silly, to change his feedback in a neutral feedback....because the Michelle from the stylishfamily often asked me for do this...
    The "second" seat i never recieved to...
    And the stylishfamily give me no answeres to my mails....

    Attention: Never buy at the ebay-shop: the stylishfamily

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    Re: Dont buy at the ebay shop: stylischfamily

    When did you order it and do you have a German or an APO address? It can take 2 months for seats to get to military address...

    Johnathon 10yrs, 76 lbs, 5-steps
    Seth, 6yrs, 43lbs in Clek Oobr
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    Re: Dont buy at the ebay shop: stylischfamily

    i ordered in may. I think, when the seller really send the seat, she give me an answer at least...Usually the usps will pay for it, when it is really lost.
    I ordered to an usually german adress...
    Kind regards,

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    Re: Dont buy at the ebay shop: stylischfamily

    Are US seats legal in Germany? Any chance it could've been held up by customs? That can happen with seats sent in to Canada that aren't certified, so that's why I ask.

    I'm sorry you had a bad experience. It's tough when something is going through so many mail carriers to know where the fault lies. It could be someone at the mid point decided the seat looked good and just stole it.
    Trudy - Canadian CPSAC certified CRST Instructor-Trainer and mommy to:
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