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    Mazda Demio - Buckle Crunch - Seat for 4yrs +

    We have a Mazda Demio. Y reg 2002 GSI 5 Door Petrol

    We searched for a seat when our little girl was about a year and a bit and the only one we could find was britax first class which used alternative b routing.

    Now shes just starting to get to big for the car seat or just about and we are looking for the next stage

    We stay in aberdeen

    is it legal to get the seat belt webbing shortened that runs from the buckle block your click your seat belt in to until fixing underneath the seat on the chassis ect?

    Has anyone got any advice ?? as its cheaper to get it shorted or adapted than spend money on a new car or used car or get a seat that fits

    As much help appreciated

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    Carseat Crazy
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    Re: Mazda Demio - Buckle Crunch - Seat for 4yrs +

    Hi there, is the problem that the buckle stalk is too long, and so the buckle interferes with the seat so you can't get a tight install?

    If so, you may find giving the webbing on the buckle three full turns helps. This will shorten it down.

    In New Zealand it is not legal to repair or modify seatbelts. Whether it is legal in Scotland I don't know, but I'd be a bit uncomfortable about modifying it.
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    CPST and ketchup snob ketchupqueen's Avatar
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    Re: Mazda Demio - Buckle Crunch - Seat for 4yrs +

    It's not safe to get it shortened, I wouldn't think. However as PP stated, it's perfectly safe to twist the stalk down up to 3 complete turns, if it is a webbing stalk. Let us know if that helps!
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    Re: Mazda Demio - Buckle Crunch - Seat for 4yrs +

    I'm fairly certain you can buy and use a Swedish seat in Scotland, based on this article

    Many Swedish seats use an alternative belt routing.

    How old and how heavy is your child?
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