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    Question Car Seat Regulations in Grand Caymen

    Planning trip to Grand Cayman Island with 22 month child and would like to know the Regulations regarding Car Seats there.

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    Admin - CPST Instructor wendytthomas's Avatar
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    Re: Car Seat Regulations in Grand Caymen

    I moved you to the international forum.

    As a visitor you can usually legally use your own seat from your own country. I didn't find anything specific to CPS laws there. That's the best I found.

    When we went I used Piper's Radian. Just be aware that they drive on the left and use both left and right hand drive cars. The right hand drive cars do not need to follow US standards. So we had a 2004 Honda Civic, right hand drive, and it had no LATCH, no ISOFIX, no UAS, no tethers. I think the seatbelts may have locked.

    So I'd just use your normal seat, rear facing as you normally would, in whatever cars you're in there.

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    Re: Car Seat Regulations in Grand Caymen

    One of our members here lived there for a year and a half, so I'm going to give her the heads up on this thread. I did a quick search on Cayman Islands carseat law and came up with this:
    ...where it states:
    "By law, all passengers in vehicles must be suitably restrained, including children..."

    Now, in my experience in the region, you won't find individual certifications for seats. It's too expensive and difficult for smaller countries to have testing and certification programs. They will likely have an assortment of American and Brasilian seats for sale in the country, which means travelling with a foreign seat (and using it there) likely won't be a problem. They're looking for a seat to be used (or in many cases, just a seatbelt) and not too picky beyond that


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    Re: Car Seat Regulations in Grand Caymen

    I lived on Grand Cayman for over a year. I was not "into" car seats at the time, but I can say I didn't see very many in use. Often is was a backseat full of kiddos in seat belts. No one will give you trouble about your seat. Just rent a car you are familiar with. The sub-compact cars are very popular at rental places and may not fit your seat, or you may have to read the car's manual to install it.

    I bought a right hand drive Hyundai Accent from Budget rental car when I lived there. It did not have LATCH.

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