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    Carseat Crazy
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    Dec 2008

    Which slots does your child use in Radian?

    DD is 3 years, 38 inches & 31lbs. We just got a Radian and I was surprised she needed the middle harness slots for RF (third from the top), first ones to allow the wings. Just wondering what slots your RF kids use and how tall are they.

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    Carseat Crazy
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    Aug 2009
    Pacific Northwest

    Re: Which slots does your child use in Radian?

    at her 6 month she was 14.5lbs and 24 inches and she was on the bottom slots. now she's about 15-16lbs at 8 months i don't know how tall and I moved her up to the next set earlier this week, she's not much above them but they stay on her shoulders so much better now.

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    Re: Which slots does your child use in Radian?

    * Almost 6-year-old (FF)-- outgrown
    * 4.5-year-old (FF)-- top slots; (RF)-- in between second-to-top and the next one down.
    * 3-year-old (FF)-- second-to-top; (RF)-- in between third-from-top and the second-from-top.
    * 2.5-year-old (FF)-- second-to-top; (RF)-- in between third-from-top and the second-from-top.

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    CPS Technician ame0312's Avatar
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    everett, pa

    Re: Which slots does your child use in Radian?

    riya is 32 mo... hers in on the 4th slot (2nd from top)... its slightly above, but it annoys me if theyre too far below...

    austin is 13 mo & hes on the 3rd
    mommy to Mariya Adysen 11/28/07
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    Car-Seat.Org Ambassador bree's Avatar
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    Re: Which slots does your child use in Radian?

    DS will be 3 next month, and he uses the 4th slots (2nd from top) RF.
    DD is 5 years and 3 months, and she also uses the 4th slots (2nd from top) RF, though her shoulders are farther above the slots that DS's are.

    I don't know exactly how tall either of them are right now. DS is usually in the 95th percentile for height, and DD is usually in the 75th.
    DD (9 years old) & DS (6.5 years old)

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    CPS Technician cookie123's Avatar
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    Apr 2007
    Mpls MN

    Re: Which slots does your child use in Radian?

    Matthew is on the 3rd from the bottom. He has quite a ways to go in before moving up. He is 2.5 and was 34 inches at the beginning of the summer.
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    CPS Technician featherhead's Avatar
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    Manitoba, Canada

    Re: Which slots does your child use in Radian?

    Selah is 3 and she uses the 2nd from top. They are a bit above her shoulders still, but it fits her much better that way. Kezi is almost at the same place, just like half an inch lower than Selah, so hers is on the middle slots.

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    CPS Fanatic AtTheSouthDam's Avatar
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    Under there.

    Re: Which slots does your child use in Radian?

    DD2 used the 3rd, RF, slots until a month before her 4th birthday. At four years she was 41" and 34#. She is now at the 4th slots up FF.
    At 3y3m she could use the 3rd slots FF as well, but barely.
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    CPS Technician emtb79's Avatar
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    Dec 2009

    Re: Which slots does your child use in Radian?

    Jake is 5yr5m and on the top slots FF, could use the 2nd from top but it is close.

    Hudson is 2yr2m FF on the 2nd from top slots but is even with the slots down.
    He is also a former reflux baby and has bad motion sickness so that is the reason for forward facing.
    Susan, Momma to my squishy and Daycare Provider,CPST
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    Senior Community Member Amaris's Avatar
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    Re: Which slots does your child use in Radian?

    Kaitlin is 3yrs 1mth ffing on the top slots. She is just above the next to top slots, and she was even with the next to top slots rfing. She would still be rearfacing if the rn wasn't over-reclined with her in it. I have a feeling there's a frontier 85 in our future if she doesn't slow down! She hasn't been measured in a while, but for reference she wears a 4 girls in shirts and a 3t-4t in pants.

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    CPS Technician
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    Dec 2005

    Re: Which slots does your child use in Radian?

    Ilana uses the 2nd from top, ffing and rfing, it's about even. Olivia uses the one down from that.
    Jennifer, Special Needs CPST, peds nurse, and CSFTL Admin mom to:
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    Senior Community Member all together ooky's Avatar
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    Jan 2007
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    Re: Which slots does your child use in Radian?

    Nora is 29 months and 37". She uses the 3rd slots rear-facing.

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    Carseat Crazy
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    Aug 2006

    Re: Which slots does your child use in Radian?

    27 month old DS, still using 2nd set from the bottom slots. His shoulders are AT the 3rd slots, so I'm sure I'll have to move the straps up a slot by winter. He's a little dude, wearing 18 month clothing.

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    Re: Which slots does your child use in Radian?

    Gwen is 15 months, 22 lbs, she's just now fitting into the 3rd slot from the top, I believe. Norah is 2 months, around 8 lbs, and on the bottom slots - and will be for quite awhile!
    DD#1 - 5/2/09 - ERFing in Radian XTSL
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    CPS Technician Cryssy Jane's Avatar
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    Re: Which slots does your child use in Radian?

    Zack 5 (FF) top slots (1/8 of an inch left)
    Odin 2.5 (rf) 4th slots
    Savannah 17 months (rf) 2nd slots
    Amare 1 year (rf), 3rd slots, but I'd be comfortable with the 4th as they're less than an 8th of an inch above his shoulders.

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    CPST Instructor trippsmom's Avatar
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    Little Rock

    Re: Which slots does your child use in Radian?

    I guess I'm writting from the land of long torsos....

    Ds is 2y8m ~30# and 37" using the 4th slots rf.

    Dd is 9m (tomorrow) and is not currently in her radian, but when I sat her in it last week she looked to be up at the 3rd slot rf. I will try her in hers this weekend, I bet she's really still on the second slot, though she has been there since she was 2m or so.
    Rachel - CPST-I and Mommy to:
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    Aubrey - 11/20/09 38" and 33# ERF in an XTSL
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