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    Squeezing 3 seats in my Jetta Wagon

    I met with An Aurora a local cpst from here today to have my seats looked at.

    I have a baby due in September and I had to fit 3 seats preferably rear facing in my jetta wagon which is no easy task. I wasn't sure if my boulevard was too upright and if my baby trend infant seat was at a 45 degree angle. It turns out the boulevard was too upright like I was fearing and it wouldn't fit behind the driver side to accomadate my dh even at a 30 degree angle. The baby trend infant seat also didn't fit behind the driver with the base installed. When we tried without the base we finally got it to fit. So the combo for September is the baby trend behind the driver baseless, a rear facing radian in the center and a rear facing boulevard behind the passenger. Hopefully it isn't too hard to slip the baby under the seatbelt by the legs. It seems like it can be hard in that spot.

    I was wondering what seat to get after the baby outgrows the baby trend that would actually fit. I can't really get deals on the britax seats living in Alaska and I wasn't sure if they would fit with the redesign any way. Anna had a coccoro and a complete air she let me try. We tried the coccoro and my 22 month old ds fit with room to grow. He is probably as big as my kids would get so that was good to know. It might get us to around 3.

    Next we tried the complete air. This seat was too wide and didn't puzzle well with the radian for such a tight spot. We moved the radian over to see if it would fit behind the passenger but even at its most upright it didn't fit.

    We met a a BRU so I thought I would try a myride. We thought it would be too wide. It is quite the beast and seems really wide. I knew it puzzled with a radian but it is a tight spot it needed to get in. We tried it out and it actually fit really good. It took up less front to back room than the boulevard rear facing and it had plenty of room width wise too. I tried my dd in the seat and she had maybe 2 inches above her head. It is less than in the boulevard for her but I think it will get my smaller kids at least until 4 and her to maybe 5.

    Thank you Anna for your help today and for trying all kinds of combos of seats. I feel better knowing the seats fit and to know that when the baby seat is outgrown we actually have something that will fit.

    If you need a seat that is decent to fit in tight spaces both front to back and width wise the myride does really well with a rear facing radian.

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    Re: Squeezing 3 seats in my Jetta Wagon

    Glad you found a way to fit everything! How cool to have 3 RF seats!

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    Re: Squeezing 3 seats in my Jetta Wagon

    I really want to try a MyRide in my 3 across... I wonder if it would puzzle with a CA... Good to know it is possibly and yay for finding a combo that works!

    Rachel, mom to an army of Ts

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    Re: Squeezing 3 seats in my Jetta Wagon

    I've put 3 Britax seats in a Jetta wagon. They are actually pretty nice for 3 across compared to some cars!
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