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    Help installing Britax Boulevard CS

    Hello. I am trying to install a Britax Boulevard CS FF on the drivers side 2nd row in my 2007 GMC Acadia. I am having a hard time getting the Britax flat on the seat because the sides of the seat go up a bit. Any advice on installing the Britax Boulevard CS FF in an Acadia.


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    Re: Help installing Britax Boulevard CS

    What are the ages and sizes of the kids in question? Is he installing latch or seatbelt?
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    Re: Help installing Britax Boulevard CS

    The vehicle manual requires that you recline the seatback all the way to install a ff'ing seat.

    Make sure that the Blvd is set so that the mechanical recline is in upright mode, then place the seat on the vehicle seat so that it's mostly straight up and down. You'll find the back of the base is off the vehicle seat a little, but when you get in to the carseat, the weight will compress the vehicle seat enough that the back of the base will be touching the vehicle seat.

    Here's a pic in my 07 Outlook of a MA - same shell as the blvd.

    Base on seat:

    How shell sits between the sculpting:

    Top of shell from other side - you can see how it pushes against the headrest here:

    Full side view:

    (bottom 2 picture was taken at a separate time from the others so the base may be in a slightly different position on the seat. This particular install was fairly upright.)

    This is what the back looks like for the tether:
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    Re: Help installing Britax Boulevard CS

    The kids in question will be 16 months and a newborn.

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    Re: Help installing Britax Boulevard CS

    Is there a reason the 16 month old is forward facing already? Did you know it's up to 500% safer to be rear facing until at least the second birthday, and the AAP has recommended since 2002 that children face the rear to the maximum limits of the convertible carseat? That's 35 pounds, or less than 1" of hard shell above the head (not the headrest, the shell) for your Boulevard.;109/3/550

    I would highly encourage you to rear face your 16 month old for at least another eight months, if not preferably another two or more years.

    The one year and 20 pound advice comes from when seats didn't go beyond 20 pounds rear facing, so you tried to get as close to one year as possible. When a lot of pediatricians were studying medicine, that's what they were taught. And since they're not CPSTs like a lot of us are, they don't keep up with the latest advice on this. And why should they? They're not CPSTs. They should not be concerned with parenting matters, only medical ones. I don't ask my mechanic what carseat I should buy. Their concern is the car's health, not my child's safety. That's why the AAP journal Pediatrics had to write an article about this (linked above). So pediatricians would stop saying one year and 20 pounds.

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