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    buy a new cover for regent or buy a frontier

    I am torn what to do? DS who is 3.5 is a huge monster. He is going to be outgrowing the MA in about 6 months or so. Hoping to at least get to his birthday. Preferably after it since he turns 4 the week of xmas. I have a radian and i just don't love the install in my van without latch. And considering ds is huge, he weighs 44 lbs already. And almost as tall as my 6 year old who measures in at the 50th percentile. This is the kid who is wearing a size 12 shoe at 3.5. So i have a regent from dd but she will probably be in a booster full time when he outgrows his MA. But its a girly cover and there is no way ds will deal with that full time. So i either have to buy a new regent cover or buy a new seat. I'm kinda leaning to buying the frontier as my regent will be 4 years old in december (i think). What would you do?

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    Re: buy a new cover for regent or buy a frontier

    i'd check the DOM of the regent to be sure......personally i like getting every little minute out of a seat so i'd likely just get a new cover for it. that would be minimal cost. when it expires (should get your DS till near 6yo if your guess of DOM is correct) then you can reevaluate the situation for booster readiness.

    actually i did/am doing the similar thing. my DS outgrew the FPSVD, i moved my 6yo to a booster full time so my DS3 could use the regent. i had a girly cover for DD & a gender neutral cover for DS.

    BTW you can sell the girl cover for a great price & get a gender neutral cover rather cheaply.
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