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    Carseat Crazy TheQueenMother's Avatar
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    I wish this wording could be changed

    On every car seat are the required words
    " use only in the rear facing position when using restraint with an infant weighing less than 22 lbs.".
    The # of lbs changes based on the ffing weight minimum of the seat, but the misplaced modifier exists regardless due to the wording.
    We have a set of very good friends. They have a ds who is five months old and nearly 20 lbs, he is outgrowing his snugride22 by weight. She talked to me about what seat to buy for her baby and I actually took her my EFTA50. It will not work in a three across for us and she doesn't have to worry about space there.
    Our friends are bright, careful people who are safety oriented. They are well read and do their homework about recalls, etc. I dropped the seat off last night and went back by today to pick something up. The EFTA was sitting in the middle of the living room floor because they had a question about that particular wording. He had noticed the 5-35 lbs weight limit but was really worried about the " use only" specifics under the warning label. I told them the facts about rfing then and after I left they installed the seat rfing.
    But the fact is, the wording is confusing for most people. A few simple changes would make it much less likely that other families will be confused.

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    CPS Technician cookie123's Avatar
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    Re: I wish this wording could be changed

    I agree, if the reworded that it would be much easier to glean it's okay to rear face to the 35 lbs -or whatever lb. - weight limit. It'd be even better if they stated that it's safer.
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    Carseat Crazy pj2rc's Avatar
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    Re: I wish this wording could be changed

    what's he wording for the next poundage limits? It sounds grammatically correct because it does have to be RF up to 22 lbs.

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    Re: I wish this wording could be changed

    The thing is, it IS correctly worded. There is a difference between use only and only use. A huge difference. Not everyone has a mastery of the English language and would know the difference, but it is there. I'm pretty sure the legal department does not wish to part with that statement, as it appears to be standard across the board.
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    Admin - CPST Instructor wendytthomas's Avatar
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    Re: I wish this wording could be changed

    I just did a check yesterday with a family concerned about their 27 pounder in an Evenflo Symphony, thinking they were overdue in turning their 16 month old because of that wording. I told them it was awful wording, and agreed with them that it should be redone.

    Their 16 month old is now happily riding more upright, and still rear facing. :-) I'd never seen a tightly rolled carpet roll as an angle recliner before. LOL

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