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    Graco Safe Seat 1

    We absolutely LOVE this seat! We bought it when our youngest was about to outgrow his SnugRide because the type of car I had would not accommodate a RF convertible without giving your child a concusion trying to get them in and out

    My son is 13 months old, 21 pounds, and 28.5 inches and has not even made it to the top slots in the Safe Seat 1. He has an incredible amount of room above his head.

    We have the Roxy pattern w/out the infant insert. I have gotten several compliments, but also a lot of questions about "Why is your kid still in a carrier...isn't he too old?" But then I just tell them that it's a newer model with higher height/weight restrictions.

    The base is the easiest to install! It has built in lock-offs which make it a breeze! My dad could even do it and it makes him nervous to install any kind of car seat!

    This seat is well worth the money! I'm guessing we have about 4 - 6 months maybe longer left in the seat.
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    Thumbs up Re: Graco Safe Seat 1

    Link to my review on epinions:

    In summary, I've found this seat to be easy to use, easy to install and it fits my son well. My son won't get as much use out of it as the average baby because of his long torso, but he has already gotten 2 more months out of it than he did his 29" snugride and he still has 3" of shell above his head. (2" of growing room)

    I'm very happy with our SS1 and it's a good value because of how much more use you'll get out of it compared to other infant carriers.
    Trudy - Canadian CPSAC certified CRST Instructor-Trainer and mommy to:
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    Re: Graco Safe Seat 1

    I have one too and I am a huge fan! I get the same questions about why my son is still in a infant seat. I really didn't expect to have such a big kid, but I am so glad I went with this seat since he would have outgrown a standard infant seat at around 6 months.

    Since he doesn't have a long torso, we hope to keep him in until his new sibling gets here in December.

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