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    upcoming drugstore ad's/sales

    Through and, ive been able to preview the 7/11/10 ads, AND 7/18/10 ads.

    Seeing the ad's well before the week they are for is super helpful. Plan your purchases! Don't buy something next week that is on a better sale the week after!

    this gives you time to get your coupons together, or even purchase some if you'd like. (i know sells coupons).

    To keep it organized, I use a notebook and title the pages "rite aid 7/11", then write the good deals/sales. You can also figure the best scenario's for the least amount of oop spending and such on these pages. it helps keep my organized. i used to circle things in the ads, but found I would get flustered in the stores and forget.

    when I go into a store, I have my trapperkeeper type thing full of coupons (cut and organzied by category), my notebook with the deals listed, the ad, a pen and calculator. (im a freakin mess in cvs with all the darn things they have to scan and coupons the machine spits at me. but oh well.)

    hope this helps
    NICU RN, CPST and Nanny

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