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    Mazda MPV versus Mazda 5

    So what are the big differences? I think the MPV is bigger, but are they good cars? Either way I have to buy used, and we aren't sure if we will try to find something under $6K and pay cash or finance something $11K or less.

    I think an older Caravan or a Freestyle could be found in our price range. I have a Graco SR, GN, and MA installed at any given time. Which car would you get? We care about seating more than 5, gas mileage, convenience, and value/price.

    ETA: Can you get an MPV with power sliding doors? Does the 3rd row fold flat?

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    Re: Mazda MPV versus Mazda 5

    I don't know much about the MPV but they are bigger than a Mazda 5.

    I have a Mazda 5, to answer some of your questions - the Mazda 5 only seats 6 and when you are using all 6 seats you don't have much cargo space (like a couple small gym bags is it). Gas mileage is great (I have a manual transmission which helps). If by power sliding doors you mean a button on the remote that opens them for you - no, you can't get that. Mine does have a power feature that if I close the door almost all the way it does the rest - not sure what to call that and it doesn't come on all trim levels. A SR, MA and GN all install easily in any of the 4 rear seats (MA FF or RF). 3rd row folds flat.

    If I always had more than 2 kids in car seats I think I'd opt for something bigger. For 2 kids and the occasional guest(s) I love it though.

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