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    Carseat Crazy judesmommy's Avatar
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    Momentum 65 pics... with 20 month old

    20 months, 22 lbs. dressed, and 33.5 inches.

    front, installed on BRU bench seat:


    top/side view:
    I liked the side impact, e3. you can see the cover bubble from the side. I liked how much room he had!

    slots adjusted to his shoulder height. I liked how the harness is narrower then the original on the EFTA. The red tabs don't seem as intense as before and they didn't rub on his neck as much. I also liked the smaller chest clip!

    slots adjusted highest

    Cover bubble: I liked the cover on the EFTA much better....

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    CPST and ketchup snob ketchupqueen's Avatar
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    Re: Momentum 65 pics... with 20 month old

    How long is his torso?
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    CPS Fanatic monstah's Avatar
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    Re: Momentum 65 pics... with 20 month old

    OMG. How many miles per gallon does that beast get!? It's HUGE!

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    Senior Community Member all together ooky's Avatar
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    Re: Momentum 65 pics... with 20 month old

    I just went to BRU today to check out the Momentum too. Nora liked it a lot-the cover bubble didn't seem to bother her, but it was kind of weird. But at 26 months, 30lbs and 36" she didn't really have very much room left to grow RFing. She's all torso. Then again, maybe it would last longer than I think-I'm just used to the crazy tall TF that is her normal seat.

    I was amazed at how wide it was on the inside. Wish I had the camera with me. I also checked out the MR and she had more room to grow heigh-wise than the Momentum. She liked that one too.

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    Re: Momentum 65 pics... with 20 month old

    Quote Originally Posted by monstah View Post
    OMG. How many miles per gallon does that beast get!? It's HUGE!

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    Re: Momentum 65 pics... with 20 month old

    Your LO looks tiny in that thing. Wow!
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