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    Please look at my installation

    Hi! I couldn't get a snug installation with the seatbelt in the center spot, so it's now behind the passenger seat.

    I used a protractor to mark a line that's 10 degrees different from the red line on the TrueFit -- I'm assuming that one was 45 degrees.

    The seat is the regular TrueFit, not the fancy one. The car is an '06 Ford Focus sedan.

    Install is with LATCH.

    The car in these photos is at an extremely slight incline, but when the seat was installed it was more level. My husband used a level to make sure the left and right sides of the seat were balanced.

    I have one picture to show that the headrest of the TF is touching the passenger headrest, but it isn't braced (in my opinion, anyway).

    Did we do it ok? Please?

    Oh, and at what age is it ok to adjust from 45 to 35 degrees? Because if it's somewhere between the 9-12 month mark, maybe I will go ahead and get another TrueFit for baby #2 since the more upright installation fits WAY better than at 45*!
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    Re: Please look at my installation

    Your angle looks good to me

    I'd say that most babies can tolerate a 35 degree angle at that age range

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    Re: Please look at my installation

    Looks ok to me as well. Did you check your vehicle manual (air bag section) for any warnings against leaning/kicking/touching the front passenger seat? If your car has advanced airbags with a sensor in the seat, it may not work properly with the carseat touching even a little. If so, you can try to put the front seat on click more upright or ahead or change the TF install just a little bit. If you didn't before, you can stand behind the seat as you install (take off the headrest to make it easier) and push with your hips towards the back of the car as you tighten - that will bury the adjuster a bit more but might buy you a slight bit of room for the front seat.

    Keep in mind that for the baby, assuming he as at least an inch of shell over his head and is under 22lbs, you can leave the headrest off until he reaches those limits.
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    Re: Please look at my installation

    Good job! It's fine that you did, but you don't have to make sure it's level side-to-side. Tilting a little isn't a problem. I love the TF in the Focus. We've had one as a loaner twice, and the TF fit like a dream!

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    Re: Please look at my installation

    Looks good to me as well And 9-12 months is usually a good age for a 35* install.
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