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Thread: RA50 shallow?

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    May 2009

    RA50 shallow?

    I ended up getting one of the clearance RA50 and after messing with it a little bit I am not sure I am really impressed. It seems really shallow to me like it would uncomfortable for a bigger kid. I have only tried my small 9 month old niece in it so far and she seems to fit well but I am going to try my 2 1/2 year old little sister (who is also pretty small) in it tomorrow and I just don't see how she will be comfortable (although I know it has to be more comfy than her ancient Tribute she rides in now in my grandparents car).

    I guess I don't have much to compare it to though. The only seat I have a lot of experience with is the MyRide. It definitely feels a lot more stable though which I like. I really hopes she fits though as I would love to get her out of that old Tribute that I am sure she outgrown.

    Does anyone have any pictures of older kids in the RA50? Is the shallowness an issue?

    I am hoping to be able to get pictures to post tomorrow but no one in my family likes to play car seats, not even the babies. Hopefully they will be cooperative.

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    Re: RA50 shallow?

    The current Britax seats are on the shallow side, thus why you will see it mentioned that there is not much leg room rf for an older child.

    I also got a RA50 this week. I measured it to have an inch or more room than my Boulevard did, however.

    I can say that my DD rode in the Blvd rf until she was 4y4m and then in it ff until she was 4y6m and we gave it to DS and moved her to a TF. She never once complained about it not being comfortable. YMMV, however.
    DD1: 14, finally five-stepping!
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    Carseat Crazy
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    Re: RA50 shallow?

    Yes it is kind of shallow, just like all the current Britax convertibles. I got one this week on clearance too. My DS1 rode in a Britax BV and a FPSVD (same shell as Marathon/RA50) and he fit in both till a few months before his 5th birthday. He outgrew them RF'ing by weight at 2 1/2 years old though so I don't have any personal experience with using them RF'ing for bigger kids. It's definately much shallower than my TFP that DS2 has been in since 9 months. I actually put the RA50 in my car and took out the TFP since the RA50 is a little bit better fit for babies (DS2 is 12 months). It also takes up less room than my TFP so I'll have much more leg room in the passenger's seat this weekend when we go out of town. I also like the super smooth harness adjuster! The britax convertibles are great for infants and small RF'ing toddlers, but the TFP seems like an awesome seat for larger RF'ing todders and FF'ing kids (my DS2 is almost 7 and is just even with the top slots).
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    Re: RA50 shallow?

    I don't have any recent pictures, but my 4.5yo still rides in her Marathon (same shell as the RA50) and often say's it's comfier than her Frontier. She's on the smaller side but I think she'll fit for another 1-2 years, although she might start to be more comfortable in her Frontier at that point. She RF in it until just after she turned 3 as she was approaching the 33lb RF limit (older seats).

    So, there are seats out there that may fit better as kids get bigger, but the RA50 should fit most kids for quite a while too.

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    Re: RA50 shallow?

    My almost 3-year old is riding in a RA50 (RFing) with no problems. And he's not what I would consider small.

    --Sarah & D.J. (3-20-04)
    DS (08/07) ~ 8 ~ 52 pound ~ Graco Highback Turbobooster -- 3rd Grade!
    DD (08/11) ~ 4 yr ~ 32 lb ~ Britax Roundabout 50, Maestro -- Pre-K!

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    Re: RA50 shallow?

    2 years 9 months, rf decathlon (average sized kid)

    You can see leg room here.

    Last time rf, 25 months, 33 pounds, 36.5 inches.

    Forward facing

    Just about outgrown marathon, 3.5 years old, 42 inches, 42 pounds.

    THe girls are at the top of the growth charts, and are long torsoed, too.
    Whatever Wendy said

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    Re: RA50 shallow?

    Britax seats are definitely shallow.

    Here is my 39" 2.5 year old. She has been in this seat 3-4 times now and hasn't complained.

    in a Complete Air. Definitely more leg room, but she isn't bothered by the RA.

    My 41" 4.5 year old (who is over the weight limit, just a pic for fun)

    and in the CA
    Madeline CPST and mom to my loves:
    8 (turbo w/ safety surround) & 6 (frontier 85)

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    Re: RA50 shallow?

    I got one too. It seems identical to the FPSVD that I already have.
    Last summer, my two girls were using the FPSVD and a radian. They have about the same size torsos so their seats always fit both of them.
    They would always fight over who got to sit in the "cow seat" (We have a cowmoo MA cover on it). I got a 2nd radian so they'd each have one and put my baby into the FPSVD from his infant seat.
    The girls were 2 1/2 and 4 last summer when we switched the seats. They still fit in it and liked it, we just wanted to take the baby out of the infant seat he was in.

    Now that we have the RA50, thats the baby's main seat and our FPSVD is going to be a spare in my dh's vecicle.
    All my kids fit in it, my oldest will be 5 next month, and she still loves it.
    She has long legs too, it seems to still offer her enough leg support.

    I do think our radians have more leg room, but it hasn't seemed to matter so far.
    Mom to:
    Hannah 11 Graco Connext, Abby 10 Graco Connext, Josh 7 Recaro Performance Booster, and Zach 2 1/2 Sunshine Kids Radian 80.

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    Re: RA50 shallow?

    Here's my dd rf in hers to the old limit of 33 pounds...
    Yeah, in our small sedan (Toyota Echo 4 door), it got prohibitively time consuming to fold her in half and put her in RF (toddler origami... ) due to the lack of legroom, but in the van we reclined the seatback a notch or two, still with a rock solid install, and she was comfy up to age 4.5 when she hit the weight limit.
    (the pictures show her in the CR-V and the Odyssey, not in our old Echo)
    CPST since 2003, pu"R"ple since 2008, three kids growing too fast since 1997, 1999 and 2006

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