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Thread: My dream...

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    My dream...

    Last night I dreamed about car seats. It started when someone (who I knew in dreamland, but isn't someone from real life, if that makes sense) pulled up in front of the house. They had their dd in the center of the backseat of a sedan in an OHS and a jacket that was so big, the shield couldn't come down and buckle. I pointed out the harm in the jacket and mom was very receptive. Then I notice dd2 in the front seat in a 5 point harness seat. I tell mom that it's not safe for her and that the backseat is 72 percent safer. She replies, "as long as it's not like 80 percent, then that's ok. It would probably better closer to like 50 percent, but I am comfortable with her up front with 72 percent. I then woke up because the baby wanted to nurse.

    What a nightmare!!! Thankfully, it was only a dream...this time.

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    Re: My dream...

    We've been battling colds here for the past few week, and DD2 and I spent a couple of nights co-sleeping propped up in a recliner. I dreamed that we had the recliner reupholstered with the Cougar fabric used on the Britax Regent, lol. Soft fabric but not exactly my taste for home decor, and not as scary as your carseat related dream.

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    Re: My dream...

    I have been having many car seat dreams. Like me trying to fit seats in my car and all. And telling people what they need to do
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    Re: My dream...

    LOL--I have carseat dreams, too. That one is more of a nightmare, though.

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