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    True fit or My Ride?

    My dd is going to be 1 on the 21st and dh has some people at his work that could use an infant seat and have limited resources so we are going to sell them if they want it our SnugRide 32. We know it has been well take care of so we don't feel bad selling it.

    That being the case we are going to need new seats for the baby to replace the infant seat. At her WIC appointment on the 27th she was 19lbs fully clothed with a wet diaper and 28" long. She has a longer torso than legs but I can't say if it is long though. She is only on the 2nd strap hole in her snug ride by alot.

    We have a 05 T&C which she will be drivers side captains chair and a 02 Dodge Ram Quad Cab. I was looking at the MyRide at BabiesRUs today and it seems really nice and I have heard great things here about the True fit but havent been able to see it in person. We do plan to rf for a long while. Does anyone know about fits in either of these vehicles? Is there any other seats we should be considering?

    We would like to just buy 2 seats and be done until she is in a booster if at all possible so I think things like the Scenera our out. Plus we take longer trips in both vehicles so I am trying to make sure she is comfortable also.

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: True fit or My Ride?

    Welcome to

    Both are great seats. The True Fit has a taller shell and higher harness slots, so would last longer. Some people don't like the continuous harness, there are complaints that the crotch strap is short, and the harness adjuster hard to reach. The True Fit Premier has a bit of an improvement on the harness adjuster problem.

    The My Ride has a nice smooth pull harness adjuster and a 40 lb rear facing limit, which may not be an issue for your kiddo.

    If you can try each in your car - Babies R Us allows this - you can get a feel for which you like best.
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    Re: True fit or My Ride?

    Make sure to try the My Ride rear facing and then forward facing (read labels or manual to learn how to switch the 'feet' on the seat).

    I LOVE the My Ride rear facing in any seat I have put it in. It can get fairly upright (older kids prefer this and drivers/passengers enjoy not having to move their seat up).

    However, the My Ride is fairly reclined in the forward facing position and some find the 'feet' on the seat don't really sit right in their vehicle seat. So, just give it a try - especially if you want to buy a seat to last as close to booster size.

    We plan on using our My Ride rear facing another 2 i is the PERFECT seat for us.

    Have you considered the:
    Evenflo Symphony 65 (converts to a really nice booster seat)
    or the new Evenflo Momentum 65 (doesn't convert to booster)

    I have no experience with a True Fit.
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    Re: True fit or My Ride?

    Both seats are great seats. I'm not entirely sure the MR will get you to booster age. My almost 4 year old (next month) is just a smidge under the top harness. It will only be a few months before she outgrows it and she's not booster rady at all. In the TF she has a few inches. We love the TF. My little dd is 19 pounds at 18 months and she sometimes has some pretty serious head slump in the TF. It's better with the infant insert.
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    Re: True fit or My Ride?

    Also, I wanted to add that I have a 94 T&C and the MR sits very nicely in the captain's chair. I'm not sure if the seats are different from my model year to yours.
    Jessica, with my girlies, Emma-8 years, in a Livia PWSG , Mattie-6 years, in a butterfly turbo booster and Lilly-3 1/2 years, FFing in a Cranberry True Fit and Norah, noob riding in a mickey mouse SR22.

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    Re: True fit or My Ride?

    Both are great seats and both have positives and negatives about them. It doesn't sound like you'll need the 40lb limit on the tf with your dd. The tf has a taller shell and works better for some forward facing as well. The continous harness and buried harness adjuster can be an issue for some, depending on how your seats are shaped the harness adjuster may not be buried. The MR takes up less space in my experience than the TF. The cupholders are awesome and it has a smooth adjuster. It would most likely cradle your dd better than the tf, the tf is very wide in the inside and mr cradles better imo. I've used both and like them both for different reasons. I've also installed easily in an '01 T&C.
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    Re: True fit or My Ride?

    Ok I am registered now. So we are going to try the MR in the truck this weekend, but with the forward facing recline I am not sure she will like it when she is older and I would like to get her past the age of 4. Weight wise my 7 year old is only 52lbs so the weight limit isn't concerning me.

    The best I can tell with a wiggle baby her torso height at just shy of a year is 11in so I don't know where that falls for torsoes.

    What about the CA?,is that a better choice for the truck and baby? is it more upright? will it get us longer?

    What other seats should I look at?

    We are going to go this weekend or next weekend to a buy buy baby and see if we can get our hands on a TF in my T&C



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    Re: True fit or My Ride?

    It sounds like you have an itty bitty on your hands, so either seat would be a great one. The MyRide is great for those heavier children that need the extra RF weight limit. My son is bigger all around, at 39 inches, 37lbs, and a 15.25 inch torso, and still fits in the MyRide Rf. He will be 3 in August and will almost surely still fit then as well, unless his torso grows an inch in the next few months. He still has about 1-1.5 inches of growth to go for RF. FF, he is on the last slots with about the same amount of growth left so, for him, it won't fit him until boostering age but it probably will for yours since she is so small.

    The True Fit is an awesome seat and it sounds like it would be a great option for your little girl. Since she is on the light side, she'll most likely only need a 35lb weight limit for RF. The shell is much taller than the MyRide (by about 4 inches or so) and the top harness slot is at least an inch taller so it will give more RF and FF time. If my son was under the RF weight limit, he'd still fit RF with TONS of room left above his head. As far as height goes, it will fit most children RF to at least 4 yrs old and FF to about 6 yrs old.

    The Complete Air is another great seat that has a very tall shell. The True Fit and CA shell are about the same but I think the CA has top slots a little higher than the True Fit. The CA has a 40lb RF weight limit, which probably won't matter for your child, so it is more likely to get most children RF to at least 4 yrs old. FF it will be outgrown by around 6 yrs old or so.

    The True fit and CA can both be tricky to install at times but it all depends on the vehicle and which installation method is being used. Both are able to be installed fairly upright but the True Fit can only be as upright as 35 degrees and the CA can be as upright as 30 degrees. Both fit great in smaller vehicles as well. Both would make great seats for your one yr old.
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