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    Getting 2 RF in an Impreza

    Hi All,

    I've been reading for days and I just can't seem to figure out the best way to manager our car seats for the next couple years and keep 2 kids ERF in a small car. I'm mostly thinking out a year when we have two in convertibles, but trying to plan the next seat for DS which has to happen ASAP.

    We have:
    DS 2 years - ~31lbs and 34" RF in a Boulevard
    DD - expected in September.
    '09 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport hatchback

    DH is just tall enough that the Boulevard is too big to be comfortable behind his seat when RF. I would like to save money and keep it in use as long as possible but getting my kids rear facing is really my priority.

    Option #1 Buy 1 Seat:IF there is a seat that is ERF to 40 or better 45lbs that will fit behind DH's seat all of our problems can be solved. Any chance the Radian XTSL sits more upright than a Boulevard? This options means only buying 1 seat until the boulevard expires so I like it the best This would basically be DS in new ERF seat until he outgrows it or baby #2 needs it (should be about the same time for a 45# seat guessing off growth charts), then he would go FF back in the Boulevard.

    Option #2 Buy 2 New Seats: If that doesn't work, DS's new ERF seat will have to go behind the passenger seat. I can be a little uncomfortable so I think pretty much any seat will work, but then we need a combination of seats that will either

    a.) fit passenger and center without obstructing the driver's seat recline (possibly two Radians?)
    b.) ideas for a convertible that will fit behind the driver's seat. It would just have to be a bit more upright than the boulevard. In this case I'd probably be purchasing a Radian XTSL now and this other convertible when needed (after outgrowing a bucket) - I just want to make sure it is possible.

    Any ideas for scenarios I haven't thought of? Ideas on specific models I might try?
    We will go try seats out soon, I just want to work out all the combinations so we do it all in one trip.

    Thanks for any help!

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    Re: Getting 2 RF in an Impreza

    The radian would be great since it goes to 45 pounds, though with your vehicle, it might be too reclined to fit well. One seat you may want to look at is the Safety 1st Complete Air. It rearfaces to 40lbs so should last your son a little while, and hopefully could be installed more upright to give you more front seat room. You should be able to find the Complete Air at Babies R Us to try it out in your vehicle.

    I know we have a few Subaru owners on the board so hopefully some of them may give you some ideas of what seats work well.

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    Re: Getting 2 RF in an Impreza

    I have a Subaru Impreza. I have fit 2 seats in the back RF when playing around. The key is to use a more upright install. You son is old enough that he can be more upright than 45 degrees, as upright as 30 degrees. So that will greatly help. My DH likes his seat back pretty far & I got the Marathon behind him at a 30 degree with his seat as far back as he wanted, but he had to sit with the back of the seat less reclined. It did fit though.

    I am not sure on how well a Radian will fit as it is really tall & is often hard to get a more upright install with it in alot of cars.

    How much room does he have about his head in the Boulevard? If he has a couple of inches then I would work on getting it more upright to be able to stay behind the drivers seat. If you can not get the Boulevard to work & he has a couple of inches then I would look into either the Graco My Ride 65 or the new Evenflo Momentum 65. Both have 40lb weight limits for RF & have shells a little taller than the Boulevard. Both should install really well RF behind the drivers seat & offer more room.

    To get a more upright install:
    1.) put the car seat into mechnical recline for RF as the insrtuctions tell you to do.

    2.) put the car seat onto the vehicle seat RF

    3.) pull the base of the car seat out from the back of the vehicles seat bight (where the bottom & back meet) about 1/2-2 inches

    4.) run the vehicles seat belt or the LATCH strap through the RF belt path

    5.) install as you normally would, except when tightening the seat belt or LATCH strap, push down where the child's feet would go, not their bottom.

    6.) when the seat is nice & tight, with less than 1 inch of movement at the bely path only, your seat will be more upright.

    Keep repeating untill you have the seat at 30 degrees. If you pull the seat out to right at 1 inch, then that should help you to achive it faster.
    Krista Mommy 2 Marcus, 6 years old, 48 inches tall, 40-42lbs, 16 inch torso & riding in a Graco Safety Surround!!

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    Re: Getting 2 RF in an Impreza

    This is great! I will play around over the weekend and if we can get the Boulevard in behind DH, we can probably fit a Radian XTSL behind my seat. If either one doesn't work we'll look at the MyRide, CompleteAir and Momentum which will *hopefully* be somewhere around to try out.

    DS does have several inches to go height wise. I just know his weight is going to sneak up on me though and I want to make sure I have a new seat for him ready to go.

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    Re: Getting 2 RF in an Impreza

    I'm updating my really old post just in case anyone finds this in a search and can use the info.

    We successfully have 2 kids in ERF seats in an '09 Impreza outback sport! (and can definitely make it three at some point)

    We fit a Radian XTSL behind the passenger seat with a more upright install (~30-35 degrees) and I can sit very comfortably (I'm 5' 8"). We also fit a Boulevard at the proper 45 degrees in the center with a belt install, giving a 6' driver enough room, or it can also fit behind the driver more upright.

    The only thing we can't do is get a secure belt install for the XTSL in the center.

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    Re: Getting 2 RF in an Impreza

    Quote Originally Posted by annie View Post

    The only thing we can't do is get a secure belt install for the XTSL in the center.
    bolded. It can be tricky. I have a 06 impreza but had a '10 outback as a loaner car when my car was in the shop. The radian was in solid, but was super reclined in the center position (44 degrees i believe). Whereas outboard in the second photo the radian was around 34 degrees and was relatively upright.

    I don't know if yours has the plastic casing on the outboard seats (to recline the seats) but that casing made it nearly impossible to get an acceptable install with the complete air, just for future reference.

    Crystal: CPST, DCP and BFF to:
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