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    Unhappy Graco car seat commercial

    Has anyone seen the Graco car seat commercial? I hardly have time to watch TV anymore so this might be old news to everyone else. The commercial shows a mom using a Graco Safe Seat 1 & 2. In the Seat 2, it looks like the straps are super loose. In addition, the video emphasizes not to turn your child around until 20 lbs and 1 year. Of course, there is no mention of a benefit to an extended the RFing period. The commercial basically makes the benefit of the Safe Seat 1 irrelevant as you can FF an infant seat. Why don't think ever advertise beyond the very minimum? How do they expect parents to learn??

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    Re: Graco car seat commercial

    I don't think they want parents to learn, they want us to spend money! If they really wanted parents to learn then they would start putting in the manuals that children are safer rear facing than foward facing and to rear face as long as possible. I read the manual for the safeseat1 that we just bought and was totally shocked. They made this wonderful infant seat that is a rear facing only seat and goes up to 30lbs. It's tall enough that most kids don't outgrow it until around 14-18 months, and then they tell you to rear face to 1 year and 20lbs. They do this while pointing out that their seats fit something like 97% of all 1 year olds, so it obviously fits kids older. On the seat is the nice little advertisment for the safeseat 2, which start at 22lbs, and the turbobooster which starts at 40lbs. They seem to be advocating using the safeseat2 as soon as your child is 1 and 22lbs, and the turbobooster as soon as the 40lb limit is met on 2. There is no age requirement on the turbobooster on the advertisment.

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    Re: Graco car seat commercial

    Does anyone know if you can see this online? I looked but couldn't find it. I'd really like to see it. What shows have you watched when the commerical has aired? Maybe I can tivo the show and see the commericial.

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    Re: Graco car seat commercial

    Graco is not "on board" with RF past the legal minimums at all, unfortunately.
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    Re: Graco car seat commercial

    I wish I'd seen this WRITE to Graco expressing your concern! Call them & demand to make an official complaint over the phone as well It is totally unacceptable for a carseat manufacturer to further misuse int he media Furthermore, scroll/search back this area of the forum for a thread I created with the link to report this to SafetyBeltSafe, too! (include a copy of the form in your letter)
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    Re: Graco car seat commercial

    My Triumph says that extended rear-facing is safer all over the manual. Maybe it's just a Graco thing.

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    Re: Graco car seat commercial

    Aw, man! I want to see it!!

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