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    Help me decide SR 22,35, or Keyfit?

    How's that for completely different options? LOL. I just really can't decide what to do.

    Here's the rundown. I had a SN22 with my first two kids. It expired, so time for a new one.

    A) I like the Chicco Keyfit 30, but I have a Quattro Tour and a Duoglider. I read a brief statement on here that the keyfit "will" fit in those because they just snap to the tray. Is that true? I was under the impression I had to stay with Graco because of the strollers we already have. This is out last baby so we really don't want to buy a new stroller.

    B) If I have to stay with Graco, I'd like to just stick with the cheapest and lightest (the 22) since it's what I had, what I liked, and what I'm used to. BUT the whole rear adjust thing is messing me up. I can't find ANY gender neutral front adjust 22's that I like. I like the Sterling (it's blue but I"m ok with that for a boy or girl) but it seems to be out of stock. If I had to pick a 22 it'd be the Pipin (green with Elephants) but I HATE character/animal prints on any baby stuff. The Pipin is just the lesser of two evils when it comes to patterns for me.

    C) I "could" spend more and get a 35, but I really didn't want to 1)spend more or 2) have a seat that weighs more. SO, if I have to get a 35, I might as well get the Keyfit, ya know? They are about the same weight.

    **My heart tells me to get whatever seat I like the best because I'll regret it otherwise. My head tells me this is the last baby and I should just save the money and get whatever's cheapest. I have to buy 2 Nauti's at the same time because my big kids' seats are expiring soon. AND I don't keep my babies in the infant seat much past sitting up stage. I don't like to carry around the heavy seat and they don't like to lay back all the time like that.

    What would you do in my situation?

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    Re: Help me decide SR 22,35, or Keyfit?

    I have a Keyfit and I was able to use it with the Graco Duoglider. I could not get it to fit in the Graco Quattro Tour. It did not snap in though. I had to remove the rear tray from the stroller and lay the seat flat. The Keyfit rested snuggly in the back, but did not actually attach. I felt comfortable using it that way, I don't know if you would. The shape of the Quattro Tour was different and I was unable to get the Keyfit to fit.

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    Re: Help me decide SR 22,35, or Keyfit?

    I would go Chicco any day of the week.
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    Re: Help me decide SR 22,35, or Keyfit?

    In your situation I would get a SR22 front adjust and start looking for extra covers (used or new) for it that you like.

    You could always have a convertible car seat in your vehicle, and take the baby out of it and put in your expired SR in your two strollers.

    We have a car seat swap area here on this forum where you might be able to find some covers you like at a good price. To become a member now, it's just a simple $3.99 that goes to a good cause, which is to help keep this wonderfully helpful forum running.

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    Re: Help me decide SR 22,35, or Keyfit?

    Albee Baby has a safe seat 1 (predecessor to SR35) for $90. I think most front adjust SR22s are usually more than that.
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