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    Question Traverse vs Caravan 5 car seats

    OK so the van is about to die its final death....

    We have narrowed it down to 3 vehicles:

    used but 2008-newer Dodge Grand Caravan/Chrysler T&C
    used Chevy Traverse
    used Toyota Sienna (but have to find an 8 seater)

    I am leaning towards the Caravan or the Traverse.

    Caravan: only 7 seats Traverse: 8 seats Traverse wins

    Caravan: sliding doors Traverse: regular "car" doors Caravan wins

    Caravan and Traverse: 1 harnessed child will have to go in back row, I would have to climb over to do buckles.

    I used to drive a S-10 Blazer, then got my van... so I like both the vans and SUV, that doesn't bother me, and we would buy the Traverse in FWD, so not concerned with SUV vs Van or 2wd vs AWD.

    Right now I have 56-57" of car seat space in the middle row of my van (3 seats) and room for the 2 boosters in the back row. The Caravan has only 47" in the back row, which means I would have to buy at least 1 smaller car seat. My 2 MA's and SS take up the full 56" middle row.

    The Sienna seems to be my best option, but I am not sure we can swing it price wise, I hear they keep their value and stay high for quite a few years...

    Opinions please... DH is leaning toward the Caravan, because he doesn't want the kids whipping the Traverse doors open and hitting another car or whatever (I agree). He agreed to purchase 1 new car seat to accommodate the Caravan.... I think it would need 2...

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