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Thread: Frontier 85

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    Frontier 85

    I am thinking about getting a Frontier 85 I will be using the five point harness for a while but what I want to know is how easy it to use as a booster and how does it rate on safety.

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    Re: Frontier 85

    There are no safety ratings.

    The previous model worked well as a booster, I would imagine the new model does too. When you are trying it out in booster mode you want to make sure the lap belt lays low on the hips, touching the thighs, and the shoulder belt is positioned "just right" between the shoulder and neck. You can order a "secure guard" clip from britax, which acts as an anti submarine clip and may possibly increase protection in a crash. That and being able to latch it in booster mode are the two highlights of using the seat in booster mode.

    Using latch in booster mode will add some ease of use- you won't need to buckle the seat when unoccupied. All boosters are used about the same way, you route the lap and shoulder belt properly around the child, buckle, and remove any slack. So it should be about as easy to use as any other booster that allows use of LATCH. If you add the secure guard you'll have the extra step of fastening it before use.
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    Re: Frontier 85

    The design and geometry of the Frontier 85 is quite similar to the original Frontier for booster use. The only major disadvantage I can see compared to dedicated high back boosters is that the Frontier 85 is quite a bit heavier and bulkier like other combination harness/boosters.

    Ultimately, the safety of a booster largely depends on how it fits to your child in your vehicle and how easy it is for your and your child to get it correctly adjusted. Some boosters just don't work well with the belt systems in some vehicles. The belts don't fit right or perhaps they get caught up in the shoulder belt guide. Unfortunately, the only way to know for sure is to try it, so make sure you have a good return policy just in case!

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