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    Anyone else go to the gap card old navy sale this morning?...

    what did you get!

    It was 50% off for the first 50 customers. My plan was to mall walk from 9 to 10 but folks were already lined up at 9:15 so my friend and I did only one lap and then got in line.

    I got 3 pairs of jeans for Daniel
    2 work shirts for Brian
    swimsuit and rash guard for Daniel
    4 t-shirts for Jacob
    3 t-shirts for myself
    skirt that I might keep for myself or give to my mom for mother's day
    2 t-shirts for Elizabeth
    hat for Elizabeth
    9 pairs of socks

    for $107!

    I'm now feeling bad that I didn't get anything for Benjamin but man he has a lot of clothes.

    Emily tech and mom to Jacob 16, Daniel 13, Benjamin 9, Elizabeth 6. Child care provider to 4 other kiddos.

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    Re: Anyone else go to the gap card old navy sale this morning?...

    I went this morning and I'm glad I got there pretty early! Last Fall I got there at 9:40 (opened at 10am) and was #31 in line, this time I got there at 9:05 and was #38! By 9:30, there were probably 75+ people in line. Can you imagine being told by the employees counting off that you are #51?

    So anyway, I scored some good deals:
    4 mens polos
    1 mens tee
    2 mens jeans
    4 womens shirts
    1 womens jeans
    3 womens sweaters
    1 womens jacket
    3 scarves (spring/summer kind)
    2 toddler jeans
    toddler jacket
    toddler hat
    5 baby bodysuits
    1 10pk baby socks
    2 2pc PJ sets
    1 baby sweatshirt
    1 baby sweater
    1 pair robeez type shoes =$181

    Now that I'm home, there are a few things I wish I would have bought more of, but oh well. Next time I'm finding a sitter for both kids! Also, they barely had any baby boy summer stuff and that's what I really needed the most of and went primarily for, but they had almost zero 6-12m size stuff.

    Also, things almost ended horribly.. An employee put bracelets on us this morning with our # and when I went to check-out after I did all my shopping my bracelet was gone. Store employees and I looked around for it and finally the manager just let me get the discount anyway. It was pretty nice of him since they didn't have to believe me, but the rest of the employees were told to lookout for anyone trying to shop and get a discount using the #38 bracelet! Can you imagine being that person who finds it and tries to use it? They're going to end up looking like a fool.

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