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    Sienna, rear middle seat, installation problems

    Has anyone else had trouble with installations in the rear middle seat of their Sienna? I have an 09 Sienna (bought it 2 weeks ago!) and I love, it, but have been having problems getting a good install in the rear middle seat. The stationary end of the buckle is on a pivoting dealie-bop and that has made it about impossible to get a tight install on several seats I have tried. I saw some people had RN's installed back there, but that one I absolutely canNOT get a tight install on with the vehicle seat belt (can't use latch with 3 across in that seating position). I also tried my Recaro Signo and was having a hard time with that one too???? They both move more than an inch at the belt path if I pull and push them. I was able to get a *satisfactory* install with the Signo that would have passed a checkpoint, but I wasn't satisfied with it for long term use - I still could move it around pretty easily. Any thoughts? or have I just not played with them enough? (I will admit, I was installing the Signo in a 3 across and had the other 2 seats installed first... I haven't gotten around to installing it without any barriers so I can really rock it good - because some bozo slammed into my van right after we got back from vacation and I had to take all the seats out. sigh.)

    Anyway, wanted to get input on this dilema and see if it is just me, or if others have had this problem too.

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    Re: Sienna, rear middle seat, installation problems

    Put the seat back down. Twist the female buckle as many times as possible (It's not possible to do more than 3.) then buckle in the seat. Pull out all slack, then pull out the belt to switch to locking mode. Pull and tug until tight. Put the seat back back into position. Check the install.
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    Re: Sienna, rear middle seat, installation problems

    How are you checking for tightness? It should be one hand, at the belt path. Give the seat a firm handshake, don't use your whole body weight.
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    Re: Sienna, rear middle seat, installation problems

    I will try laying the vehicle seat back... I don't know why I didn't think to try that before.

    I am testing just by pulling back and forth on the front of the seat, and it slides. When the RN is in, it moves quite a bit just from tightening the straps on my kiddo... meaning it is moving around in the seat at each use...

    I will go out and try again this afternoon and see what I can do with the seat back reclined and tighten it that way.


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    Re: Sienna, rear middle seat, installation problems

    Yes, the middle seat of the third row takes a bit of practice, but can be done. I can do britax seats there no problem, rear facing or forward facing so the signo should work, too.

    THis post has pics of my center 3rd row installs.
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