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    Radian Headwings slipping down?!

    I am trialling a radian on my 4 year old, but am encountering a problem with the headwings. I have tried 2 radians, both have the exact same problem.

    In order to expose the top harness slots, which I need for my tall-ish 4 year old, I have to move the headwings all the way up.

    No problem, easily done. BUT once I have moved the headwings all the way up, the headwings start to slip down (within a minute or so) about half an inch. Once slipped down, the harness straps are now under the headwings partially, which makes me very nervous about the straps pulling the headwings into the back of my son's head in a crash. It also means I can't tighten or loosen the straps any more until the headwings are pushed back to the top of their path.

    Has anyone else noticed this problem with the headwings at the top of the seat? Is there a way to tighten them so the don't slip down?

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    Re: Radian Headwings slipping down?!

    Bumping this - really hope someone might have some experience with this?

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    Re: Radian Headwings slipping down?!

    I have the same problem with my Radian XTSL. I don't see a way to fix it either.
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    Re: Radian Headwings slipping down?!

    The same thing happens with mine and I talked to Russ and he said it's completely safe and not a problem at all. That covering the straps an inch or so isn't going to make a difference.

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    Re: Radian Headwings slipping down?!

    I have this same problem with one of my XTs (it is the only one I have used in the top spot).

    I talked to Russ (no help) and he said to tighten the screws on the back a tiny bit because they may have not been tightened enough. I have tried that ... many times. Every morning when I go out to get DS1 in the car for school I have to slide the headwings up. It is very annoying and I don't feel it is okay.
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    Re: Radian Headwings slipping down?!

    bumping - anyone else having this problem? Any solutions? I too have tightened the bolts but it hasn't helped.

    Desperate to find a solution!

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