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    Safety 1st vs Britaz Advocate

    I've been researching and researching and researching, and I'm about brain-dead still thinking about this. My son is almost 1 year, 24 lbs, 31.5" tall.

    What's the overall safety difference between the Safety 1st Air Protect (inside the seat) vs Britax Advocate and the wings on the outside? I know they are designed to do two seperate things, but is one safer than the other? Do they offer the same protection overall in the same areas?

    If the Safety 1st seat is only 15.5lbs and for instance the True Fit Premier is 24lbs, wouldnt one think that the heavier seat would protect the passenger within the carseat better?

    Ugh, help!

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    Re: Safety 1st vs Britaz Advocate

    No, there's absolutely no reason to believe that a heavier seat will offer more protection than a light seat.

    What we DO know is that rear facing provides the most protection. The Complete Air will last longer, possibly a year or even more longer, in the rear facing position.

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    CPS Technician firemomof3's Avatar
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    Re: Safety 1st vs Britaz Advocate

    I would also look at the Radian
    DD1 10.5y/o seatbelt
    DD2 8y/o 45" 52lbs. backless
    DS 7y/o 51" 58lbs. ProBooster or backless

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    Re: Safety 1st vs Britaz Advocate

    We have no way of knowing which is safer, which "technology" on what seats work better than others, how they preform in crash tests (minus the sunshine kids products because they released their data). Every car seat on the market has a pass/ fail rating that is it. Will the side impact of one seat work better than another? Will the air pockets in the complete air work like they say? We have no idea nor any way of knowing.

    What I can say is that the Britax seats are highly overpriced for what they are! They do not last very long rear facing compared to other brands (and rear facing is statistically better we know that for sure) and children who are rear facing feel squished and run out of leg room even with their legs crossed in the Britax seats.

    If I were in your shoes I would look into these seats as they last a good long time rear facing:
    -Radian xtsl (has those side impact wings you seem to want)
    -Complete Air
    -MyRide (deep sides to provide SIP, however will only last about as long as a Britax convertible overall, but will provide more leg room)

    Other seats we recommend frequently:
    -Evenflo Triumph Advance

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