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    Car seats in an ambulance

    ***Disclaimer- because there is NO "approved" way to secure a car seat in the back of an ambulance, this is what I do. After 8 years of trial and error this is what we have found to be the most secure.***

    If the child is uninjured and NOT the patient (i.e. if you are transporting a child because the parent or caregiver has no alternative choice) then make sure you bring the child's car seat along for the ride back home, and we put them in the built in seat. Our built in seat is VERY specific that it is to be used REAR FACING only. (Our captain's chair pivots forward facing, though not all captain's chairs offer this feature).

    For the sake of pictures I used a Sunshine Kids Radian. I will be editing this post later to also include a Britax Boulevard, a Graco Snugride, and either a Cosco Scenera or Evenflo Titan when those seats become available to me.

    For the Radian I found it best to keep the recline boot attached. The stretcher will not sit at a complete 90 degree upright angle, and you can see from the pics that even with the boot attached the seat is VERY upright. I have simply adjusted the back of the stretcher to meet the angle of the seat (securely, not just touching).

    Start by unbuclking the top two straps on the stretcher. If yours is equipped with shoulder straps, remove and secure those.

    Don't ya just love the mauve sheets the hospital gives out for EMS use? (They match the seat well, lol).

    I have found for whatever reason, it is easier to install the top strap first. I route this one through the forward facing belt path. Depending on the length of your straps, it may be easier to send the male end completely through the belt path, bucle it, then pull the slack back through. (opposed to sending the female end into the back of the car seat and attempting to buckle them blindly).

    Repeat with the middle stretcher strap in the rear facing belt path:

    Then secure both of them, removing the slack.

    If your female end is long enough, it will clear the back of the car seat, like so:

    If it is too short, it will be inside the belt path of the car seat somewhere, like so:

    IF THIS HAPPENS, KEEP IN MIND THAT IT IS GOING TO BE EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO UNDO. I suggest making your female end longer, especially if you have small beltpath routes as the radian does.

    Personal preference here, but I carry D-ring anchors to secure here for top tether attachment (not pictured):

    This is the most secure way I have found to transport an infant/toddler/small child. If a child is in their own seat they have less room to squirm around (and it's a little "familiar" to them), allowing you to apply oxygen, pulse oximetry, monitor leads, establish IV's, suction, or do other necessary interventions safely.

    I am certainly open to other ideas or suggestions. Thanks.
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