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Thread: seated height

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    My daughter is 2 years old and about to out grow her car seat and I am trying to decide between the recaro signo radian 80/65 or maybe a britax im leaning away from the britax. Im worried about the seated height her seated height is 16 she is 40 inches tall and weighs 37 lbs and I am concerned that radian isnt as safe because it is so slim but I really want to know that the highest seated height limit is on these carseats if anyone can help me pllz

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    seated height

    my daughter is 2 and is 40 inches tall and 37 lbs and her seated height is 16 inches and we are trying to decide between the recaro signo and radian 80/65 and I cant find the seated height on either car seat does any one know britax only goes to 16 inches or else I was going to buy it
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    Re: seated height

    Welcome. Some punctuation marks may make your statement easier to read.

    The seated heights are generally not listed. As far as I know Britax is the only one who does.

    The Signo has 19" top slots, but is outgrown very much before that by shoulder width. My 32 pound narrow shouldered five year old was getting snug in the Como, and she had about four inches to go before she hit the top slot.

    The Radians all have 17.5" top slots.

    The Radians are perfectly safe. They pass all the same testing as every other seat. However, if you want a tall and wide seat, the Britax Regent has the highest top slots and is I think the widest seat out there. But at her age I'd look at the Radians with the 45 pound rear facing weight limits to rear face her longer (so 80SL or XTSL). Two is very early to be forward facing. And very old to be rear facing in a Recaro because it also lacks leg room. Which is not unsafe, just uncomfortable, and gosh knows uncomfortable kids are rarely quiet about it. The Radians have a ton of space rear facing.

    With a 16" torso and at 37 pounds she's outgrown the Britax convertibles rear facing. So I'd skip them. She's very nearly outgrown them forward facing as well.

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    Re: seated height

    Also when measuring her be sure you measure from her shoulder and not from the top of her head. So...

    Have her sit against the wall upstraigh (or as straight as you can get her). Make a little mark on the wall at the top of her shoulder. Then have her move away. Just measure from the floor to the mark and that's her Torso height.

    16 inches sounds a little tall for a 2 year old. Not impossible but a little tall. So I wanted to be sure you weren't measureing to the top of her head.

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    Re: seated height

    Oh, but she is 40 in. tall!! I think that might be right....... my son is about 13" shoulder to seat height and is only about 35-36 in. tall, so maybe!
    I think she'll be happier in a Radian. My 2 y/o loves to spread his legs out (I don't know if other 2 y/os do as well but hey) and really appreciates any extra leg room!

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