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    Carseat Measurements/Data Spreadsheets

    For some time, I wanted to see a webpage or spreadsheet listing all the available carseats along with certain information about each seat (measurements, manufacturer stated limits, features, etc.). In an attempt to create such a document, I developed some spreadsheet and submission forms allowing people to submit their own carseat measurements and data. With the collected data, master spreadsheets were created for each of the four main carseat types (infant, convertible, combination/youth, and dedicated boosters). The below website was created to hold these spreadsheets.


    On the website, the measurements/data master spreadsheets are available in several formats for both online and offline viewing. The website also provides a "Submit Your Data" link to the submission forms where members can continue to submit their carseat measurements and data so that the spreadsheets stay as up-to-date as possible. If you wish to make a shortcut to the website, please link to the main website, and not to the individual spreadsheet links as those links will change anytime there is a spreadsheet update.

    I hope that the data is as accurate and complete as possible, but the only way that can happen is if people submit their data and verify other people's data. If you see any data that is missing or not accurate, please submit your own data using the submission forms found on the website.

    Use these measurements as a tool to help narrow down which carseats might be good for specific situations. It is important to keep in mind though that measurements do not always provide the full picture of how a carseat might work with a child when it is installed in a particular vehicle. One carseat might last a child a year longer then another carseat even though they both may have the same exact top slot measurement. Variations in seat shapes, recline levels and padding can all play a role in determining how long a child might fit in a particular carseat.

    If you have any questions, change requests, or comments about the spreadsheets, feel free to send me a personal message or you can start a discussion on the Carseat Measurements / Data Spreadsheet Discussions social group.

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