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    Best deals on a jogging stroller for walking/jogging?

    I've decided to train for a 5k, now that my big boys are old enough to walk/run at the park alongside me. I just need a jogging stroller now for the 2yo.

    I've been researching a lot, but I'd love advice from those who have actually used them! The park I plan to go to the most is a paved but not straight trail. It's basically a loop but not an even oval, if that makes sense. So on the one hand I think I need a fixed wheel because I really want it for exercise, not around town. But then I worry about how difficult it will be constantly be doing wheelies to turn it on the track. The idea of a swivel wheel that can be fixed really appeals. Of course, the ones I'm finding on craigslist right now are all fixed wheels.

    Not surprisingly, the big deal here is going to be price. I need a good deal on something that will work for me. I actually think having something not-top-of-the-line wouldn't be bad if it gives me a GOOD feel for whether or not I can keep it up, but on the other hand I don't want to spend $150+ on a poor quality jogger that won't allow me to do what I need, only to then have to spend $350+ on a good one. KWIM?

    So, are there any great deals? Is a Joovy Zoom a good buy (found it on Amazon for $199)? Do BOBs ever go on sale? Are fixed wheels going to be a pain, or should I spring for the BOB SUS D'lux that I found on Craigslist? Or should I just get a cheap one (a friend may have one for "whatever I want to pay") and see how it goes before I spend $200+? Or will I sabotage my efforts by buying a cheap one?
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