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    school me on the Radian

    Ok. So I am really confused. Someone on another thread said there are currently 6 DIFFERENT radians. What are the differences. Mainly wondering about the ones that go to 45 pounds rearfacing. Also is it correct that you can use the seat even after shoulders are above the top harness? And if so why is this the only seat to allow.

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    Re: school me on the Radian

    whoops... didnt mean to hit thanks... i always do that...

    anyway... theres the older radians 65, 80, & xt...
    i believe this will apply to any after sept 08...
    all rf to 40 lbs
    the 65 ff to 65 lbs
    80 & xt to 80 lbs
    xt has "headwings"

    any manufactured before that only rear face to 35 lbs
    some to 33 (not sure when that all changed... but if you got one now that shouldnt apply)

    the newer ones are the SL versions
    65 still goes to 40 rf'ing & 65 ff'ing
    80 & xt go to 45 rf'ing & 80 ff'ing
    the latch thing still i think it up in the air, but supposedly if your vehicle was manufacted after sept 05 then you can use latch the whole way up to 80 lbs... i dont think vehicle manufacturers have confirmed this though...

    as for shoulders being over the top slot... i *think* they say you can as long as kiddo isnt over x amount of inches tall... (cant remember)... i personally wouldnt do it... i dont understand why it would be an exception to the rule... shoulders over the top slots can cause spinal compression in a crash... atleast thats my understanding...

    hope that helps!
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    Re: school me on the Radian

    The pp covered the differences in Radians pretty well but I wanted to cover your other question. Sunshine Kids has said that you can continue to use the Radian FF after your child is over the top harness slots as long as your child is still under 53 inches. I have no idea why this is all of a sudden safe when using this seat and, since I've heard it can be uncomfortable for most children, I probably would never do it.
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    Re: school me on the Radian

    My recollection (someone who knows more can correct me on this) is that SK has said it's less about simply going above the top slots, and more about the angle at which the straps go when the shoulders go above the slots. So if the straps are less than x degrees north of horizontal, which they say they would be if the child is under 53", it is therefore safe.

    I don't think I'd use that except in an emergency or a situation where I felt I had no other choice, but it's good to know that it's an option if it's needed.

    The PP explained the differences between the Radians well.



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