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    Evenflo Maestro vs. Evenflo Generations 65

    Okay so I have been reading and researching about these two seats and I just cannot make up my mind. The child that will be using it will be 4 years old in April. He is 39" tall and 35lbs. I am concerned about a seat being tall enough vs. weight. Therefore, I am confused about the seats. Please correct me if I am wrong about the seats.

    Generations 65- this seat has 15.75" top slots?
    Maestro- 18" top slots?

    If this is true, would the Maestro be better for him. I am afraid he will grow out of the seat by height before weight. Also, I have a booster for him to use once the seat is outgrown so I am not concerned about using it for a booster.

    I know the Maestro head rest does not move up, but from the pictures posted of a 6.5 year old sitting in it, it shouldn't be too much of a problem using it in harness mode?

    So, which one? Thanks.

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    Re: Evenflo Maestro vs. Evenflo Generations 65

    They have about the same top slots- generations may be slightly shorter, but we're talking about a very slight difference. They're both hovering right around 18 inches.

    He will outgrow most seats by height before weight. He'll get closest to the maestro's limit because it's 50 lbs. The weight limits are typically quite a bit higher than you can expect it to accommodate an average child.
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    Re: Evenflo Maestro vs. Evenflo Generations 65

    The Generations is more than 15.75". I got it at just over 16". The Maestro is 18". So the Maestro will last longer in the torso, and for a 35 pound four year old I think it would work beautifully.

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    Re: Evenflo Maestro vs. Evenflo Generations 65

    Okay. Thanks everybody. The Maestro it is.

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