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    Is the Safeguard car seat the safest?

    Does anyone know anything about the Safeguard car seat? Is it as safe as they claim?

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    Re: Is the Safeguard car seat the safest?

    The Safeguard Child Seat was discontinued some time last year. It had 19" top slots and a 65 pound harness limit. It was by no means the safest, as we have no way of knowing what seat is or is not the safest. It had some neat features, for sure. LATCH and harness like a seatbelt. Push a button and it tightens on its own. But it was a forward facing only seat with a 65 pound limit, no booster option.

    If you mean the Safeguard Go, then it had 17.5" top harness height with a 60 pound harness limit, then it turned into a backless booster. It required a top tether to use the harness, and was easy to install with LATCH, but far more interesting with the seatbelt.

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    Re: Is the Safeguard car seat the safest?

    We don't know which seat is the safest, and even if we did, it would probably vary based on a lot of things (the car, the child, the installation method, etc.).

    I have a SafeGuard. It's very cool. I love the self-ratcheting LATCH, although my son is now too heavy to use LATCH in our car.

    I will say, though, that I'm actually slightly concerned about it. It's a VERY heavy seat. Also, as cool as the self-ratcheting LATCH is, I also worry that it's too gimmicky. It seems like the more you do to the LATCH belt, the more there is to fail. (This is all based on gut feelings--not on any actual research. So take that with a huge grain of salt.)

    That said, IMMI (the company that made the SafeGuard) is a well respected manufacturer of seatbelt components. I'm not so concerned that I don't use the seat, although it's in my husband's car, which DS is rarely in.

    I will say that for a high-weight seat, it offers very little leg support. My DS is 5 years old, 48", 44 lbs, and his legs get really uncomfortable in it. I'm going to ditch the SafeGuard pretty soon because of that.

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